Bakori Umar, The Impostor And Intruder


Anyway, if not for the benefit of the general public, there would’t have been any reason bugging National Media and information office of Vigilante Group of Nigeria, on the frequency of unguarded critiques credited to one Mr. Bakori Umar, an impostor and intruder. The ulterior motive behind the unskillful actions of the critic is not far fetch from being mischievous and bent at interrupting the flow of success and achievements, so far recorded by National Vigilante Group of Nigeria under the leadership and watch of the powerful Commander General Dr Usman Mohammed Jahun fsi.

However, the colourful visitation to Governor Yahya Bello of Kogi State by the C.G was not only backed by the national interest of the organization but justified by the Law of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Going by his support for the outfit the Exemptionary Governor who had provided adequate fighting equipments logistics for smooth operations of Vigilante Officers in the State.
Therefore, the well deserved crystal award to GYB was to show appreciation for this visionary role’s and huge financial commitment to secure lives and properties of his people. To a larger extent, that the Governor had procured over thirty (30) Hilux patrol vans with good remuneration to motivate the boys is highly applauded.

Basically, the current spate of insecurity in the Nigerian States would not have been this worse, if the genuine intension exhibited in Kogi was replicated in other States, he who cannot stand for something will definitely fall for anything. On this same visitation, the Governor was hitherto decorated as Commander i.e Commander Yahya Bello against your propanda on social media that the C.G Vigilante Group of Nigeria Dr. Usman Mohammed Jahun fsi has endorsed or anointed the Governor as the next Nigeria President come 2023 general election cannot be totally debunked if you so wish, of course the outfit is ready to give every moral support for him should he contest or vie for the office and mobilize its members Nationwide to beef up security for his campaign entourage in all the states of the federation.

Consequently, Bakori’s unguarded write up describing Governor Yahya Bello as not undertaking due diligence before dealing with the highly respected C.G was offensive to the general public, students of school of thought for respect of rule of law and reward for excellent performance. The critics are not just acting in inappropriate manner, but arrogance of the highest order, such unnecessary outburst is ridiculous and lack sense of decorum, falling below moral standard, yet 1000 type of Mr. Umar Bakori and his blindfolded cohorts cannot stop the wheel of progress or neither do they possess any legal right to parading themselves as duplicate leaders of VGN to deceive the unsuspected members of the public by operating illegal and parallel organ.

Of course, the well informed Nigerian citizens cannot be intimated or misled by any person of group of people, gathering unlawfully against the constituted authority and the judicial pronouncement made by appeal court of competent jurisdiction, sitting at Kaduna.

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It will be so folly, thoughtless of any one or people trying to pass insult to the Governor of Kogi State for being honoured by Vigilante Group of Nigeria, just as its C.G did encouraging him and other Governors to do more. Obviously, the emotional status of the so called Bakori and one Yusuf Ibrahim Tanimola is questionable, to have conspicuously condemning a national assignment, embarked by the C.G to the Governor, quite unthinkable, disgusting and contemptible.
Unfortunately, these elements are too naïve to the legal calculus and the driven algorithm to arrive this height, yet it is still a mirage until you all back to your various local units, obtain VGN membership form and be submitted to the HQ’s for ratification, if you must be part of the system .
However, the index of laudable progress made by the C.G is a function of hard work, hyper intelligence and diligence, unlike the juvenile and shallow mindsets, the calibre of antagonist.

Very obnoxious of Mr. Bakori, the educated illiterate, who hardly can comprehend in a simple term, the Kaduna judgment handed down on December, 8th 2019 in a suit file with No. CA/K/253/2018 declaring Dr. Usman Mohammed Jahun fsi as the only legitimate Commander General of VGN. Meanwhile, the undisputable verdict also categorically banned and restricted Late Alhaji Ali Sokoto, the defendant from parading himself as the No.1 Officer for the organization. To help your mediocrity, even as a retired Captain of Nigerian Navy, kindly run through the page 6 of Sunday Tribune of 24th Jan.2021, page 22 of the leadership on 18th Jan, 2021, also contained on page 6 of the punch on 21st Jan 2021 to clear yourselves of illusion and hallucination.

Henceforth, any further attempt by this confusionist to cause panic for the purpose of gaining undue attention shall attracts severe punishment under the law, in case you refused to acknowledge, only the defendant, Late Alhaji Ali Sokoto has the right to appeal against the Kaduna judgment otherwise, you must be wasting your time on mere futility.
The National Headquarters of VGN shall no longer condone any act of gross misconduct from any personality, group of people or merchandise that might attempt conspiracy to polarise the public for cheap gains. Apparently, GYB is not the first Governor to be honoured by the C.G, same gesture had been extended to many others before.

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Your Excellency Sir, you won’t be bothered by the silly act of ignorance, displayed by the man in question, Mr. Bakori Umar. Only a deafened fly dies in the wine!

By: Osifeso Abiodun Chris (B.Sc), Counter Terrorist Specialist and National Media and information Officer, NHQ’s.
1. Ibrahim Gambari Way, new Katampke Extension, Abuja.

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