Valentine: Chris Okotie Recalls Experience With Ex-Wife


OpenLife Nigeria reports that just few days after the Valentine celebrations, Reverend Chris Okotie, founder of The Household of God Church, on Sunday morning, recalled his experience with his first wife, Tyna in far away Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America.
Okotie, a pastor and politician who recently presented himself to lead an interim Nigerian government as a way out of the country’s political logjam, attended Grace Fellowship Bible School in Tulsa after which he founded Household Church.
The 64 years old cleric had been married twice.
First was Tyna, his childhood love which begun during their days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. But the marriage crashed in 2001.
The second was with Stephanie Henshaw, a mother of three, in 2008. The marriage crashed in June 2012.
Speaking on the importance of God’s place in one’s life and indeed, the importance of allowing God’s directive and leading in all engagements, Okotie recalled that at a time in Tulsa, his co- students developed penchants to abandoning classes for Eddy Grant’s shows. Eddy Grant, a Guyanese-British singer, song writer and multi instrumentalist, held sway in the entertainment corridor in Oklahoma at that time.
He stated that on one a occasion, a lady who was grumbling over everything got close to his wife, Tyna.
Okotie said he noticed the lady was telling Tyna some stories which he suspected must be part of her constant grumblings.
“I went close to them and approached the lady from a cultural perspective and not spiritual. I told the lady that we are from Nigeria. I made her to understand that in Nigeria, we don’t gossip our elders otherwise the person would be thrown to the lions to devour. I asked her, ‘do you want my wife to be thrown to the lions?’ she replied ‘No.’ The lady promptly apologized and left Tyna alone,” Okotie narrated.
In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, the stylish man of God said he is done with marriage.
“God told me he did not call me to get married. God told me he called me to be like Paul. He tried to stop me but I didn’t listen at the time. The life He called me to live is to be dedicated to Him and the work He called me for. So, marriage is not on the menu again,” Okotie said.

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