Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi

Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi Laments

Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi Laments

Does a man, who would stop at nothing to destroy others, because he nurses an ambition deserve anyone’s sympathy either? That’s a question many of those currently thinking a former governor of Lagos State and presidential hopeful, Bola Tinubu, should be compensated with Nigeria’s presidency for being the chief architect of the Muhammadu Buhari presidency, would answer at some point in the life of his campaign.
How do you write the story of Tinubu without alluding to his plethora of identity mess, particularly, the alleged certificate falsification? And how do you explore that narrative without recalling that a certain Tokunbo Afikuyomi, took the fall, when he told the world the mix-up was his own sincere mistake? This, perhaps, was in view of the fact that the duo of Tinubu and Afikuyomi, had come a long way and nothing, as far as the latter was concerned, would be too much for friendship.
However, what does Tinubu think of Afikuyomi in return? Not much, really, other than being an expendable, good only for sordid errands. For every ambition Afikuyomi, had nursed after leaving the senate, Tinubu had stood in his way. His reasons had never been linked to competence or his capacity to galvanise and mobilise any movement successfully.
Yet, Tinubu watched his friend sink all of his life savings in a governorship dream before axing the ambition. He would later ‘dehumanise’ him with an appointment as commissioner. Perhaps, the man is still struggling with the effect of the experience of that era. Nothing so far says otherwise. An attempt by Afikuyomi to return to the senate at some point was skillfully manipulated and the Tinubu camp would later humiliate him with the narrative of how they tricked him into giving it up.
Now, the man is considering picking up a party office at the seemingly cursed national convention of the APC, slated for March 26. With zoning already established, Afikuyomi thought the office of the National Vice Chairman would not be a bad idea, at least, Lagos would have a competent hand and experienced mind to lead its cause at the National Working Committee (NWC) of the APC, even though that office is not the highest zoned to Southwest. Again, Tinubu has since stood in his way.
He has continued to intimidate all the spineless governors in the zone to ensure that the office, in addition to the national secretary, was moved out of Lagos to another in the zone, thinking should any such big office come to Lagos, it could affect his presidential bid. Instead, he has been pushing for the national youth leader for Lagos, because his son, Seyi, wants one of his friends to occupy the office and to also give the impression that Tinubu is for the youth. How more selfish can anyone be? Yet, he wants this same God to bless his own ambition. Really? Well, Karma is a patient agent. Fingers crossed!



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