2023 Election: We Were Paid Heavily to Run Down Emmanuel’s Administration- Ex Media Hireling Confesses.

2023 Election: We Were Paid Heavily to Run Down Emmanuel’s Administration

OpenLife Nigeria has gathered that a popular Uyo based online influencer who has been critical of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration has openly disclosed that he has opted out from further baseless attack on the government because his conscience is weighing him down.

The social media influencer (names withheld) who is also churning out daily invectives and diatribes against the person of Pastor Umo Eno the preferred governorship Aspirant of the Governor also promised to formally apologise to him over his several cooked up allegations against him.

The remorseful young man said he was lured into the act by agents of a notable governorship aspirant currently in the National Assembly who pays heavily for his services monthly.

He highlighted that outside the agreed pay package, he was entitled to other stipends for data, fuel and lunch to encourage him to put on social media while the Boss through his immediate aides gives them areas to attack and blackmail the governor and his preferred aspirant pastor Umo Eno in the social media.

According to him, “ I was drafted by the aides of one of the noisy governorship aspirant currently in the National Assembly to help them make Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration appear clueless before Akwa ibomites in the social media and to also throw muds on the person of Pastor Umo Eno and his governorship aspiration. I have been on the offensive cooking up stories and sometimes getting fake stories from them to publish in the social media all in a bid to unsettle their various targets”.

“We meet frequently to review our efforts and strategies on better ways to unleash our propaganda to demean them and gain more advantage and popularity while looking out to engage more vibrant youths into our cabal. Our principal has been generous and nice and has recently bought better phones and ICT gadgets to help us do our jobs better’

However, according to him, “Conscience is an open wound only the truth can heal, I knew I was on the wrong rail and my heart is always troubled. I was increasingly weighed down by my conscience and I confided in few Elders who advised me to quit the deal which I did”.

He maintained that so many others currently dinning with the devil will soon opt out as they are not really enjoying what they are doing which is circulating falsehood to cause hatred panic and ill feelings.

“To me, this is no longer politics but cold blooded murder, I have come to realiase that money is not everything and I deeply apologize to our dear governor and Pastor Umo Eno over the inconveniences our fake stories must have cost them”

He warned his ex-boss and his aides to stay off his path as he will not hesitate to raise alarm through live video on social media where he will reveal so much about their illicit dealings if his life is threatened in any way for quitting from the cabal’s deadly voyage. “This is just the tip of the iceberg” he concluded.

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