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Reasons Governors Tell Lies—Kayode Fayemi

Reasons governors speak half truth in public has been revealed
OpenLife Nigeria can report that many reasons governors tell lies and citizens do not hear the truth about governance has been revealed by a leading figure in the Nigeria’s governance circle.
Over the years, Nigeria has been the butt of gossip at both local and international circles over their leaders’ penchant for half truths, resulting into under development and apparent lack of citizens’ trust on their leaders.
Making the revelation by no less a person than the Chairman, Nigeria Governors Forum, Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, the cat was finally let out of the bag on Tuesday during an interaction on Arise TV.
Fayemi stated emphatically that “Shivers would been sent into the spins of citizens” if governors reveal true situation of things to the public.
Governor Fayemi who was reacting, responding and accessing the Nigerian security situation against the back drop of the recent attack on governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, expressed sadness over the degenerated insecurity in the country.
He noted that the body of governors had met the President and Commander in-Chief of the armed Forces, President Buhari on several occasions and offered the best of advice and other practical solutions.
The Ekiti governor however expressed concerns that in most instances, it is difficult to get everyone on the same level of ideological parameters.
“Security agents cannot disclose everything. As governors, we don’t let the citizens know what the challenges are. If they know, shivers will be sent into their spines and that will cause more unrest in the system,” he stated.
Fayemi agreed that nobody, including the governors, is immuned against bandits’ attacks saying that the body of governor would always implement the spirit and letters of the constitution which mandate government to protect life and property.
“I have an unflinching optimism that Nigeria will triumph over the current state of insecurity sooner than expected,” he assured.
The governor who is rumoured to be interested in the 2023 presidential race however denied such ambition saying “ My present pre occupation is to offer dividends of democracy to Ekiti people. Thereafter, we can decide on the next line of action,” he stated.
On the current agitation for division and separation by certain individuals in the south west who have printed Oduduwa flags and currency to begin the process of Oduduwa Republic, Fayemi advised against such agitations saying that Nigeria would achieve its greatness as a united country.

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