I am inspired

I am inspired by Governor Buni’s Leadership—Honourable Musa Bello

I am inspired by governor Buni
Musa Bello, Honourable Councillor, representing Ngelzarma Ward in the Fune Local Government Area of Yobe recently appoint 28 personal assistants who are expected to be his eyes and ears in the vast ward for development. The European American University graduate who would be 38 years old on March 28 says governor Buni of Yobe State inspires him with his leadership traits. In this exclusive interview with OpenLife Nigeria, Musa Bello, who radiates love and compassion for his Ngelzarma people says his commitment to develop his ward remains unshaken

What inspired you to go into politics?
The reason I joined politics is to be a good representative of my community to forward all their problems to the local government council for it to be considered and solved based on priority.

What are your developmental objectives for the people of your ward in Fune Local Govt Area?

My developmental objectives are to construct more Boreholes to provide portable water to Ngelzarma and surrounding villages in line with Governor Buni’s administration’s goal.
Another objective is to see that drainages are constructed in Ngelzarma town to prevent water flooding.
Besides all this, I am also concerned about the school systems in my ward. Therefore, I use my position as a Councillor to solicit for the renovation of some obsolete primary schools in my ward to enhance education. I also advocate to authority concern for the provision of fertilizers to our farmers for food security.

What are the remote reasons for appointing 28 personal assistants and how do you intend to pay them?

My ward is very vast and we have many settlements. I need personal assistants to gather information in every nook and corner of community. There is no monthly payment attached to their duties and function because they are voluntarily working to serve their respective settlements. However, I have the intention of supporting them with my little resources.

What is your objective assessment of the performance of Gov Buni in Yobe?

Governor Buni administration is perfectly excellent. He is my source of inspiration. I like his leadership style.
That is the reason we are all praying for him.
He has redefined infrastructural development in Yobe State. He has built modern markets in the major towns of the state.
The governor has also constructed housing estates across local government areas of the state as well as declared of state of emergency on education and water supply in the state.
His achievements are innumerable. Governor Buni has empowered youths and deployed sustainable humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable, less privileged etc.

How will you describe the state of insecurity in Fune Local Council Area?

With the establishment of operation Lafiya Dole in the state and the support of Governor Buni, the security situation is stable particularly in Fune Local Government Area where I am a Councillor.


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