Kaduna Kidnap

Kaduna Kidnap: What Bandits Told Us In The Forest—Jennifer Kabir

Kaduna kidnap opens fresh revelations
OpenLife Nigeria reports that the last may not have been heard about the kidnap of 39 students from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna State , northwest Nigeria on March 11.
Since their release on May 5, there have been different stories on what transpired during the 57 days captivity of the innocent school children.
One of the released students, Jennifer Kabir, who has been under medical care, said the experience was not funny.
According to her narrations, Jennifer disclosed that on that fateful day, March 11, the kidnapped students were unsuspecting that danger was lurking within the school premises.
She stated that they had been involved in the school daily activities and were preparing for bed when the kidnappers struck.
“It was in the evening and we had completed all the day activities. We were preparing to go to bed. Some of us were still attending to few other things when the kidnappers came.
“ As of that time, we were naked because we never expected something like that was going to happen. When they rounded us up, they ordered us to wear our clothes and follow them.
“ We had no option than to obey. We trekked into the bush for about four hours before we got to where they stationed their motor cycles.
“ We were in the forest for 57 days. They have rules and regulations. At first, they were harsh to us but as time went on, they relaxed their hostility towards us.
“They told us they don’t want our parents money. They said the money they wanted for ransom is government money.
“They told us they would continue to kidnap as far as government is not prepared to respond to the requests. Although they were sometime ready to kill us if government did not respond to them on time, they did not molest us all through the period,’ she narrated on the Kaduna kidnap

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