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Global Innovation Challenge Supports Young Entrepreneurs And Leaders With $10k : How To Apply

Global Innovation Challenge Supports Young Entrepreneurs And Leaders With $10k : How To Apply

OpenLife Nigeria reports that the Global Innovation Challenge, which Social Shifters is thrilled to introduce, will support young entrepreneurs and leaders as they develop their innovations to address the social or environmental problems that are most important to them.

The issues that are most important to you and your community are the ones for which they are searching for innovative projects, innovations, and commercial solutions. Any concepts, at any level, from any part of the globe are accepted.

A global nonprofit organization called Social Shifters supports the next generation of young entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in finding fresh approaches to the most serious social and environmental problems facing the planet.

They achieve this by giving access to a global support network, inspiring learning opportunities, and engaging learning experiences.

Benefits of participation
  • You stand a chance to unlock your potential: With knowledgeable mentors and as a member of a welcoming global community, you can improve your abilities, self-assurance, and prospects for the future.
  • Improve Your Concept: Receive FREE access to a top-tier digital incubator program to assist in developing your project or company concept.
  • Make a Difference: Compete for prizes of up to $10,000 by completing projects that enhance people’s lives, support local communities, and preserve the environment.
Additional benefits

After the deadline for submissions, participants will have free access to their Digital Incubator program, which includes:

  • Access to a premium membership on the Social Shifters community and e-learning platform
  • Access to Steps to Startup, their well-known online course on social startups.
  • Access to premium skill-building and international networking opportunities, all accessible online.
  • Access to knowledgeable mentors and coaches from some of the most successful companies in the world
  • Digital certificates and badges
Eligibility for participation

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 may participate in the Global Innovation Challenge. This implies that at the time your submission is submitted, all team members who have registered must be at least 18 years old.

At least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals must be supported by your proposal.

Evaluation criteria

Judges will use four criteria for the Global Innovation Challenge to analyze, shortlist, and choose winners for each category.

  • Significance: They are seeking solutions to significant social or environmental problems.
  • Innovation: They are seeking solutions to a problem that has the opportunity to be innovative and insightful.
  • Feasibility: They seek solutions that can be carried out by team members and have a decent possibility of success.
  • Scalability: They are searching for concepts that could potentially result in a more extensive and long-lasting impact when implemented on a broader scale.
How to apply

You can click here to apply. The deadline for submission is Sunday 9, November 2022.


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