Details of

Details of The Arrest of EDOCSO Comrade with A Used Condom by Kogi Police


Details of the arrest of a Comrade
OpenLife Nigeria unveils clearer details of the arrest of a Comrade with Edo Civil Society Organisations, EDOSCO, by Police officers attached to the Kogi State Police Command.
According to the story available to OpenLife Nigeria, officers attached to the Okehi Division of the Kogi State Police Command were on a routine stop and search on Monday, March 29 at around 10am, on the ever busy Okene road in Kogi State when they “Stopped a comrade (Name withheld) who is a member of EDOCSO (Auchi Study Center) for a normal stop and search. The comrade was searched and a used condom was found on him of which he explained to the police that he was invited to a party the previous day and after a good time with a lady, he was not comfortable disposing the used condom at that environment. So he decided to take it and dispose it at a place convenient for him.”
The officers, OpenLife gathered, were not convinced by the explaining.
According to the details of the narrative, the officers obviously “Disagreed and said he wants to use it for ritual of which they took him to the station on cuffs.”
As the story was told, the EDOCSO “Comrade wrote a statement on the details of what happened and placed a call to the coordinator and deputy coordinator, Auchi Study Center of EDOCSO. He explained the situation and another Comrade was assigned immediately to go to the station to intervene on the issue.
“The Investigative Police Officer, IPO and Divisional Police Officer, DPO, were adamant on releasing him. We insisted that they carry out investigations on the issue to ascertain that the accused was saying the truth. They requested for the lady to be brought to confirm that they actually used the condom together. The lady came, confirmed the statement but they were still reluctant to release the comrade and threatened to take him to the state CID Lokoja of which we asked them to go ahead.
“It took the intervention of our immediate past coordinator general Leftist Omobude Agho who spoke with the DPO and told the DPO to charge the case to court or have the comrade released. The Comrade was released at 11am, Tuesday the 30th of match 2021,” OpenLife gathered.
Reacting on Thursday, the Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ede Ayuba who spoke through the Command Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. William Aya, confirmed the arrest on Monday, March 29 and gave details of what transpired.
However, he explained that the Police officers exhibited the best of clinical intelligence on the matter.
According to the State Police Command:
“Our men attached to the Okehi Division in Obangede were on routine patrol on Monday when they flagged down the Comrade. After random search, a used condom was found on him. Inside the condom was sperm. Our officers demanded explanation why he should be in possession of a used condom with human sperm. He explained that he went to a party in Kabba and in the process made love to a woman. But he did not dispose the used condom containing the sperm.
“Our officers were curious. They called and invited the lady for questioning. The lady came and actually confirmed that they both made love at the Kabba party the previous night. She gave details of what and how it transpired. The lady, however was surprised that her lover was still in possession of the sperm long after they had made love at the party.
“Thereafter, the Comrade was released. But we are in possession of the used condom including the sperm as exhibit. We have kept it as exhibit for evidence should the matter goes beyond this,” Supol William Aya revealed and assured.




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