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Biden Moves To Put China In Check


Biden moves to treat Chinese economic smartness
OpenLife Nigeria reports that President Joe Biden moves to wedge China unwholesome business deals as the USTR pick vows to fight China’s ‘unfair’ practices.
According to information available to this online medium, President Joe Biden’s trade nominee Katherine Tai said on Monday she will work to fight a range of “unfair” Chinese trade and economic practices and would treat Chinese censorship as a trade barrier.
In written answers to senators’ questions following her confirmation hearing last week, Tai said she will seek to use the enforcement consultation process in former president Donald Trump’s “Phase 1” trade deal with China to ensure the protection of American intellectual property.
“I am open to exploring a wide range of options to address our longstanding problems with China’s unfair trade practices, including bilateral talks,” Tai wrote. “However, I will not hesitate to act if those talks prove ineffective,” she added, without naming specific consequences.

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