It Is Unfair To Heap Blames On Tinubu

It Is Unfair To Heap Blames On Tinubu—Oladipo Oluwole

It Is Unfair To Heap Blames On Tinubu

OpenLife Nigeria reports that in a critical examination of the economic realities in Nigeria, Oladipo Oluwole, an Ibadan based public affairs commentator, is requesting to know why citizens and stakeholders are heaping blames on President Tinubu, saying that the “sincerity” of the former Lagos governor, arising from his political antecedence “Were taken for granted in the buildup to the 2023 general elections.”
Oladipo Oluwole, whose thoughts are reproduced below unedited, summarized the current hardship in Nigeria as “A case of promise made…promise kept!”

Nigerians, especially the Yorubas, are not being fair to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, (BAT), in their criticisms of his eight month old administration, as Nigerian president, whose ‘sincerity’ or political tactics, as a politician, were taken for granted, in the buildup to the 2023 general elections.

A political icon in the affairs of Lagos state for good eight years, as the Executive Governor, leaving behind indelible marks, with a political dynasty of succession process, till date- All of which were used to campaign for his presidency, towards the 2023 general elections.

In 2015, Asiwaju marketed to Nigerians, a product, former president Muhammad Buhari, to cure the nation’s ailments, then- Boko haram, corruption, politico-economic issues…but invariably, banditry, kidnapping, terrorism, and killings, crept in, unresolved, between 2015 and 2023.

In 2023, Asiwaju as a new product, promised to follow the footsteps, and sustain the tempo of Baba Buhari’s eight years rule, (power of words), and the existing prescriptions/ applications, to cure our ailments which have, otherwise, continued to nosedive, and on the increase, in multi fold, within the eight months of president Tinubu’s governance.

Kidnappings have been extended to the federal capital territory, Abuja, while the killings of Obas, in the southern part of Nigeria, Ekiti State, and Ilorin, with the kidnapping of students and teachers, hitherto unheard of, except in the North, now the order of the day.

Taxation was one of the Lagos economic magic wands, being replicated at the national level, and which President Tinubu’s government has been applying in different ways via the trauma, in several financial and economic policies summersaults, and its attendant suffering, hunger, and poverty level of Nigerians, looks very damning and frightening! A case of Promise made…promise kept!

Who, then, to blame in the political chess game?

Is it the ambitious change of power baton? or voters not being truthful to themselves, their collective interests, and the realities in leadership choice, beyond perceptions, ethno-religious, or politico-social interests/sentiment?

Is our structure very much in support of pretences, and negative values?

The way forward, now, is to continue to encourage, advise, or even pressurize the government to apply their prescriptions, holistically!

Truth is constant, without any colouration, indeed!

It Is Unfair To Heap Blames On Tinubu--- Oladipo Oluwole
As inflation picks at 29.90 per cent, hunger envelops Nigeria

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