Anxiety Over

Anxiety Over Governor Ben Ayade


Anxiety Over Governor

OpenLife Nigeria reports that concerns over Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State have assumed frightening proportion.
Where is the governor? What has he been doing? What are his present engagements? Is all well with the Professor?
These questions have agitated the minds of stakeholders in the entire old Cross River State now comprising Cross River and Akwa Ibom States fuelling anxiety over the governor.
Among the concerned stakeholders is a renowned journalist and public relations expert, Nsikak Essien.
In a Facebook post Tuesday morning titled: Governor Ben Ayade: Home Alone, Essien interrogated the visible absence of governor Ben Ayade in Southern governor’s engagements
Essien stated in the submission that:
If you are looking for the Cross River State Governor in any place outside APC meeting points, you may look forever.
He neither attends South-South Governors’ meetings nor does he attend Southern Governors’ meetings.
Who will plead the cause of Cross River state people in the gathering of their South-South brothers and sisters? Who will place the problems of Cross River state people before Southern Governors to rally their support in the fight for change?
Maybe Northern Governors who don’t VAT collection. Many of the Northern Governors don’t want anti-open grazing law. Does Ayade want open grazing?
Does Ayade want Southern indigene as President in 2023 which most Northern Governors don’t want?
The people of Cross River state want their brothers and sisters in the South-South and all Southern Nigeria in this time with fiscal federalism being a must path to thread. The Professor is alone. All alone.



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