2021 African SABRE

2021 African SABRE Awards: African Media Agency Gets Excellence Certificate

2021 African SABRE Awards

OpenLife Nigeria reports that a African Media Agency, AMA, a leading pan African integrated communications firm has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Media Relations in the 4th African SABRE Awards, on May 27, 2021.
AMA was recognized by the jury for their support to the African Development Bank in bringing their $10 billion COVID-19 Response to global attention with a feature in CNN & Washington Post.

In April 2020, while Africa was hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, the African Development Bank unveiled a $10 billion Response Facility to curb COVID-19 and to assist regional member countries in fighting the pandemic.
The Bank commissioned AMA to help build momentum and increase awareness by highlighting the Response Facility among top-tier media.
AMA achieved this by developing a media relations campaign that focused on a digital press conference with journalists from Africa and abroad, placing op-eds that resonated with the editorial agenda of top-tier media, and distributing press releases across the continent.

“We are thrilled to share that African Media Agency has received a Certificate of Excellence for Media Relations in this year’s African SABRE Awards,” said AMA CEO and Founder, Eloine Barry. “Both the public relations industry and our agency have been forced to adapt to a new normal this past year, and through it all AMA never lost sight of what was important, producing great work on behalf of our clients.
“I am extremely proud of our AMA team and incredibly appreciative of our client for trusting us with their brands.”

The SABRE Awards, which recognize Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation, and Engagement, celebrate campaigns that demonstrate the highest levels of strategic planning, creativity, and business results. With more than 5,000 entries each year, the SABRE Awards provide a premier showcase for the best that the communications industry has to offer.


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