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Why Synagogue Church of All Nations Is Locked Down—–TB Joshua’s daughter

Why Synagogue Church of All Nations is locked
OpenLife Nigeria, has, over time reported the brewing leadership crises in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN. The crises started immediately after the death of the founder of the church, Prophet Temitope Joshua. In this narration, his daughter, Promise Joshua explained why the church is under lock and key.
At the centre of the crises are Mrs Evelyn TB Joshua, wife of the late prophet and other disciples led by a member of the Board of Trustees, Joseph David.
David has raised the alarm that his life is being threatened by TB Joshua’s wife. As a result, he claims that he and many others have decided to remain in hiding, at least, for now.
But TB Joshua’s daughter, Promise, says it is all lies.
According to her, the allegations against the family are unfounded, adding that David and others are only trying to give the church a bad name because their atrocities have been exposed.
The 24-year-old explains that the family saw CCTV footage of some persons moving money from the church, claiming that some of the drivers involved in the act have made confessional statements indicting the disciples.
Promise also denies that the family is chasing away those who worked with her father.
She said they were only asked to leave pending when the church would resume.
She said, “Everything that happened was recorded and at the right time, depending on how everything goes, it will be put out for the public to see.
“The constitution of the church was followed to the latter and that was how my mum became a trustee. The day it happened, concerned members of the church appealed to the Corporate Affairs Commission and everything was done legally.
“From the beginning of the ministry, there have always been three trustees. The second time my dad made a change, the board consisted of my dad, mum and my dad’s nephew, Hassan.
“Last year, my dad wanted to put me on the board. His nephew, who used to go to court for him, (over the church building collapse), left the church.
“ That was how Joseph (David) was brought in. He did not even know he was a trustee until my dad passed on.
“The only reason my dad made him a trustee was for him to attend the court sessions. My dad would not want my mum to be going to court for him. Joseph was the one that was following Hassan, who left last year.”
On the case with the EFCC, Promise said after her father’s death, a committee was created.
She explained that during the period, the family got reports of heavy movements of cash.
“Even the drivers they were used to move the money were the ones reporting these things. There is also a video where they were caught moving the money. The church lawyers then advised that we should report to the authorities and that was how they were invited.
“The foreigners, who were called to carry the money without knowing what it was, went to the EFCC and were released after they were cleared to go back to their countries with the intention of coming back in about a month. They were not deported; they are coming back.
“These people talking are those I believe are guilty; all the other ones went to the EFCC and returned after they were interviewed. All they had to do was to explain what happened because there is video evidence. I don’t know why they are running; if you are not guilty, go and explain yourself.”
Asked why the foreigners were reported to the authorities, Promise said since the funeral of the late prophet, there had not been any activity in the church.
“And we don’t really feel we should have workers that we don’t need. That was the idea behind that. It was not deportation; we were paying non-essential workers and the church was not operating. So, we said, we don’t need anyone here. You can go back to your country. The person you claim to train under is no more here. These disciples, what did they come to do here? They came to train under TB Joshua, and TB Joshua is not here physically. You came to train under TB Joshua as a disciple. So, the intention of coming to Nigeria was not to take over the church, but to train under him,” she stated.
Promise said the church workers confessed the alleged atrocities of the disciples, adding that the departure of the leaders was a relief to many who had suffered under their yoke.
She slammed David for saying her mother was not trusted enough by the father to carry on with the ministry.
“My dad had always put his family as trustees of the church. I am not surprised; this is expected. The church will soon resume; these ones are the bad eggs,” she added.
Source: Punch Newspaper


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