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What Will Happen In 160 Days In 2022—-Primate Ayodele

What Will Happen
OpenLife Nigeria reports that just six days away from year 2022, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, the spiritual head of INRI Evangelical
Spiritual Church, Lagos, has called for caution and alertness all over the world in view of what God has revealed to him.
He said there would be uncertainty for 160 days, part of which will be defined by unsavoury health situation.
According to the Prophet, the whole world including the Africa continent will be affected.
He said: The spirit of God says a lot will happen in 2022 which will really affect the World leaders. I foresee issues like economic instability, insecurity, health-related problems
and climate change crises.
I foresee that in 2022, some countries of the world from the various Continents especially the African Continent and Nigeria in particular will have so much to contend with; these are issues that will affect the countries internally and
The spirit of God revealed to me that we are going to have 160 days that will not be palatable in some parts of the world, the African Continent and Nigeria. The 160 days in Nigeria and Africa will be terrible because Coronavirus—Covid19 upsurge will take another dimension.
The spirit of God says Strong wind will cause destruction in different parts of the world and also in Nigeria. I foresee there will be a new disease that will surface in the world.


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