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What Nigerians Say About Ifeanyi Ubah’s Campaign In Lagos

What Nigerians Say About Ifeanyi
OpenLife Nigeria reports that as preparations for the Anambra State November 16 governorship election become intense, some of the governorship candidates have decided to extend the campaign tentacles to drive for more votes.
This political design may have informed the reason Ifeanyi Ubah , the candidate of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, decided to embark on a road political show in Lagos this Tuesday.
Ifeanyi Ubah who is believed to currently worth about $1.7 billion, is a businessman and humanitarian who presides over Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited.
Apart from playing big in the downstream sector, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah , representing Anambra South Senatorial District in the Nigerian senate, is also the proprietor of Ifeanyi Ubah F.C., a Nigerian football club.
For reasons best known to him, Ifeanyi Ubah’s decision to have taken his campaign to Lagos has provoked lots of mixed reactions. While some see the decision as strategic, others view it differently.
Below are the reactions:

Pastor Godson Onyebuchi
He wants the seat by all means.No election in Anambra State. Go home if truly you are a man. Go home and make it real
Jerry Egenti
Lolzzz. No election in Anambra State at all. The signs are clear. The smartest thing they can do is to release Nnamdi kanu unconditionally at his next court sitting and send him back to London

Obichukwu John Eze Obichukwu
Come back home and do the campaign there in Biafran land. Let us see. Mugu. No election in Biafran land until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released unconditionally

Hamza Olusesan Hamzat
See them enjoying peace in Lagos that they cannot get in their land. Lagos is peaceful and accommodate every tribe. They destroyed their land and now running away from it. The peace that eluded you in your land is now what you come to Lagos to get free of charge.

Mazi Chuks
These politicians really have no shame.

Frank Demoore
He is confused about campaigning in Lagos instead of Anambra State.

Omalisha Uchenna Ifeacho
Ifeanyi Uba, you should be ashamed of yourself
Maduka Onuoha
Ifeanyi Uba is not ashamed of himself. Why are you running to Lagos to do a campaign? Shameless people
Obichukwu John Eze Obichukwu
The other day, it was the PDP man in Port Harcourt. Today is Ifeanyi Uba in Lagos State. Tomorrow will be only God knows who and where else to do the campaign. Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu now and have your peace. The fear of unknown gunmen is the beginning of wisdom.
Ifeanyi Chukwu
Until Nnamdi kanu is freed no election
Chiamaka Osakwe
Lagos is now Anambra. Na wao
Martina Ehuchie
This is laughable biko. Anambra State election campaign in Lagos? Fear of the unknown

Don Steve
They’ll also do the voting in Lagos State. Let watch and see them
Kasi Asia
Make them from Lagos come vote for him? Funny
Chuka Jr Arzodo
People are laughing at us ndi igbo tetenu na ura

Mazi Onyekan Zin
From the look of things, IPOB is now fully in charge in Biafraland which I know if…

Kizz Banky
Selfish politicians. This Ifeanyi Mba will be worst than any other governor

South Nigeria
Is Lagos Anambra State ?. Desperate criminals. Time is over. Total lick down on election day. Nobody will come out
Udoka Emmanuel Uche
Hahahaha so Lagos state is now Anambra state? Who no love his life? That’s the fear of unknown gun men. Come and do the election let’s see it’s either you will go down or be destroyed


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