What I did to a man

What I Did To A Man That Made My Wife To Cry—Pastor Paul Eneche

What I Did To A Man That Made My Wife To Cry

OpenLife Nigeria reports that among many things that define early marriage between a man and a woman is crises which could either fester exponentially or otherwise depending on the kind of logic deployed in the management.
For Pastor Paul Eneche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, he has long developed the right method to ensure that crises between him and his wife are minimized to the barest not even when such crises are orchestrated by a third party.
According to one of his personal narratives, the popular man of God revealed an intimate secret of how a man made his wife to cry in their early marriage.
Narrating the circumstances that led to the shedding of tears by his wife, Dr. Becky Eneche , the June 12, 1968 born medical doctor who hails from Orokam, Benue State said the wife who had embarked on practice as a medical doctor shortly after their university degree was made to cry by a man at her place of work.
Pastor Eneche who founded his church on November 10, 1996 with the first Sunday service being held at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor) Area 10, explained that he did not find the experience funny.
He narrated that his wife’s co-worker got sacked for that singular act of making his wife cry.
Eneche said:
When we came to Abuja newly, my wife came home from work, she was still practicing medicine in a private hospital, she came from work crying and I said, who made you cry? Why are you crying? She said it’s a colleague at work, a male colleague looked for her trouble.
I said, me that own the wife, I am not making her to cry and a stranger is making her to cry? At work place? Na me and you today! I carried volvo like Jehum, I drove like a man that was not marching brake, Voooo….
I reached the place and said take me to the man. When I met the man, he shook first. I said what happened between you and this woman? By the time I was through with him that man was sacked from that work under two weeks. I didn’t report him to nobody. I only encountered him.
Pastor Paul and Dr. Becky Eneche are blessed with four children. Dr. Becky Eneche is the proprietress of Dunamis International Schools.
On September 14, 2014, the church broke ground for the construction of the Lord’s Garden, the Church’s International headquarters in Abuja. Bishop David Oyedepo was present for the project’s foundation laying. The International Conference Centre and Glory Dome in the Lord’s Garden has a seating capacity for 75,000 people.


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