UBA Chairman,

UBA Chairman, Tony Elumelu’s Social Media Followers Express Views On Insinuated Political Visit

UBA Chairman, Tony Elumelu’s Social Media Followers Express Views

OpenLife Nigeria reports that following the February 25 presidential election in which Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC was declared winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the tempo of interests around the former Lagos State governor have assumed greater dimension.
That pattern provoked lots of comments and views Wednesday night when he visited Tony Elumelu, Chairman, United Bank for Africa, UBA.
Explaining the rationale behind the visit, the UBA chairman wrote on his Instagram page:
Last night, I was honoured to receive the Nigerian President-elect @officialasiwajubat at my home. We discussed ways in which the incoming administration must empower and support our immensely talented Nigerian youth. We have so much young potential to unleash! #TOEWay
However, this provoked lots of comments in the enclave of the UBA chairman’s followers on Instagram. While some saluted the visit, others views it differently as presented below
Reacting, one of his followers simply identified as idealhosa said “Sir, please as someone we look up to, we don’t expect you to endorse this outcome especially because of the obviously Rigged Process?! What’s your conscience saying? Illegality cannot produce Legality! This was not an Election and not Democracy, it is a Coronation and Dictatorship! We pray it does not stand. Only Justice and Truth can produce lasting Peace and Progress, Unity and Faith. We also pray for more role models and leaders that will stand with the call for the New Nigeria, not this Old Nigeria with its baggages dragging the nation down.”
In a similar tone, another commentator identified as nnee.samnick said: “It’s funny how we look up to these men then at the slightest opportunity they bend the System in their favor… 2023 president election was an obvious slap in the face of every Nigerian yet these so call “elite” won’t condemn it but congratulate those hands that continue to mess up the system. 2023 election only exposed how weak most of these leaders are and how much of a slave they are to the so called “wealth” they have desire to accumulate. That’s why they can’t speak nor stand for the truth.”
iamsimonkalu added his voice saying “Oga, posting this at this time was not necessary. You could have kept it to yourself… don’t go further than this… Ask Obi Cubana what happened to him recently. how on earth you can’t read the handwritten on Wall. Nigerian youths are not happy.”
But cruisemaster247 saw it differently saying:“Sadly, those whose father never sat with the councilor of their ward in their local Government are here blaming Tony for receiving a president elect. The fact that some people don’t understand that real business people don’t take side politically is the problem. You are the suffering masses that have problem and option to openly campaign because you have nothing to lose. No one knows anybody in your entire family. So, you can rant, curse and cry as you like.. why must you now impose your decision on others? Someone was putting a disline button bcs Tony snapped with BAT! CHAI! Just try to be getting sense, we can’t all support the same person and this man here has done nothing. Go and fix your life so future president can pay you a visit too. With the way you are doing up and down online now, do you think you stand such a beautiful future wasting all your life condemning successful people online? Wake up!”
chukwu_ebuka concurred with cruisemaster247 saying “Nobody should drag Tony. He’s not INEC chairman or Court. He works with any government for betterment of Nigeria.”
In like manner, lexington_oke emphasized that “Tony is just a businessman and has to act neutral or play all sides. I get people are angry though but for him it’s just business hence why people need to shun tribalism. There’s no tribalism between these men at the top.”

UBA Chairman
UBA Chairman and Tinubu during the visit

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