The Truth About Aphelion

The Truth About Aphelion Phenomenon, Cold Weather, Sickness And Fresh Pandemic

The truth about Aphelion phenomenon

OpenLife Nigeria reports that in the last few days, speculations have been rife about impending abnormally cold weather and other sicknesses that will be unleashed on earth by the Aphelion phenomenon.
In one post, there was a warning that the world would begin to experience the Aphelion phenomenon from today, February 26 where the Earth will be very far from the Sun with emphasis that humans would not see the phenomenon but would feel its impact expected to last until August.
The information added that there would be cold weather more than the previous cold weather which will have an impact on flu, cough, shortness of breath, stressing that the air is colder and the impact on the body is not good because human is not used to this temperature.
As a remedy, humans were told to increase immunity by drinking or taking lots of vitamins or/and supplements so that immunity becomes strong.
In response, Dr Yinka Ajiboye of the Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti Planetarium, availed OpenLife a clarification by Dan Evon.
In the clarification, Dan Evon disclosed that the viral social media claim about Aphelion Phenomenon is not true.
In his context, Evon said: “Aphelion describes the moment during Earth’s orbit around the sun when the two celestial bodies are furthest apart. “This happens every year around July (not in February, as claimed in a copypasta text), and there is nothing unique about the aphelion in 2022 that would bring abnormally cold weather, more sickness, or another wave of COVID-19,” he assured.


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