The Tinubu

The Tinubu Lies

The Tinubu lies are being spotted by APC devotees
OpenLife Nigeria reports that an Abuja based public office holder from Lagos State has exposed Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu lies arising from his outpour at the eight-day Fidau prayer session held for late Kayode Jakande who served as Lagos governor between October 1, 1979 and December 31, 1983.
In an exclusive chat with OpenLife Nigeria Friday evening, the Lagos indigene appointee in Abuja said Ahmed Tinubu is a serial liar to “gain cheap popularity. He went to Jakande’s house again today to lie to Nigerians,” he disclosed.
Tinubu who is believed to be nursing presidential ambition ahead 2023 general elections, had on Friday prayed to God to give Nigeria a leader like late Lateef Kayode Jakande.
He disclosed that the seed of his political trajectory was sowed at Jakande’s house who advised and encouraged him in 1992 to “Go. We need many like you. Go to the Senate.”

Tinubu added that “We pray for Nigeria to give us more leaders that are prudent, very honest, give priority to the future, looking at what will become the life of the children.”
Reacting, the APC chieftain appointee in Abuja who does not want his name in print queried Tinubu’s logic in seeking for leaders with human interests.

Said he: The Tinubu lies are becoming embarrassment. The Tinubu deceits are becoming embarrassment. What moral gut has he got to preach what he does not believe in at Jakande’s house? All through his years in office as Lagos governor between 1999 and 2007, did his exhibit any of Jakande’s trait? He reversed everything Jakande stood for,” he lamented.
Continuing, the APC appointee said “Did Tinubu learn how to build housing estates for the citizens of the state from Jakande? Did he learn how to convert all the resources of the State to himself from Jakande? Did he learn how to make his unqualified wife a Senator for life from Jakande? Was it Jakande that tutored him to use MC Oluomo as a tool to kill opponents?” he queried adding that the Tinubu embarrassment “Must be put in check.”



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