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The Solutions To Boko Haram—Fayose

The solutions to Boko Haram can be located within
OpenLife Nigeria reports that Engineer Ayodele Fayose, former governor of Ekiti State has offered suggestions to the solutions to insurgency ravaging Nigeria.
Speaking in a live interview in Abuja on Monday evening, the two-term former governor lamented the inability of government to proffer the solutions to the menace of terrorism which has claimed many lives and rendered thousands homeless.
He however stated that the solutions cannot be consigned to federal government alone saying the state governors have vital roles to play.
“We should not expect the federal government to provide all the solutions. As a matter of fact, the solutions to insurgency rest squarely with the state governors,” he emphasized.
Speaking further, Fayose opined that if the state governor do what is expected of them, Boko Haram would become a thing of the past.
Drawing specific examples from his methods while in office as Ekiti governor, Fayose said “You see, when I was in office as the governor of Ekiti State, there were laws in place that regulated how cows were reared in my State. Herdsmen who violated the law were prosecuted in the court of law.
“Many state governors came to meet me and we discuseed about how we were managing the situation in Ekiti. No forest in Ekiti was available for any terrorist to carry out nefarious actions. I had vigilante and local hunters who I was paying every month. They did their jobs very well and we were always ahead of any intending criminal in intelligence gathering.
“Therefore, I strongly believe that if state governors decide to deploy means into securing their forests, the situation will be under control and there will be no need to be calling President Buhari over activities of bandits in States,” he stated.

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