The Plots

The Plots Against Tinubu

The plots against Tinubu thickens
OpenLife Nigeria reports that the plots against Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of Lagos State and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, are assuming wider dimensions.
The plots, ostensibly, arose from his undeclared interest for Nigeria’s 2023 presidential race.
However, his body language and recent shuttle round some states in northern Nigeria are the convincing factors that Tinubu’s interest in succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 is no longer a function of speculative endeavour.
First was Wikipedia that allegedly blocked Bola Tinubu profile for editing age 84 times.
According to the unconfirmed story, many attempts were made to correct the “error” on Wikipedia, leading to multiple conflicting edits.
Journalists who followed the activities on the Wikipedia page found that there were about 84 edits done on the page on Tinubu’s birthday and most of them were to alter or correct his age.
This happened just about the time Bola Tinubu moved the high and mighty to Kano State to mark his 69th birthday.
Apart from his age that has generated controversy, many analysts are already feasting and reviewing his academic qualifications which raised dust in early year 2000 when his Chicago University degree was seriously questioned.
Besides all this however, is the aggregation of ideas by various political interests ostensibly to challenge Tinubu.
In the forefront of this group is Chief Raph Okey Nwosu, national Chairman of Action Democratic Congress, ADC.
Speaking in Lagos on Wednesday, Nwosu disclosed that he is among the egg heads that are congregating to strengthen a political 3rd Force in Nigeria.
He explained that the mission of the 3rd Force is to dislodge APC from power in 2023. He is particularly angry that a man who should stay off the presidential race due to credibility imbalance are at it again.
Referring to Tinubu, Nwosu stated that “Those who are parading themselves everywhere hoping to take power from Buhari in 2023 will be shocked to their bone when the reality dawns on them.”
He advised Nigerians to disassociate from such people stressing that “They have stolen all the money in their state to run the election in 2023.”
Nwosu explained that the 3rd Force which he champions is well received by the Diasporan saying that it will offer Nigerians a better option in governance.
Nwosu pointed out that PDP and APC have both failed Nigeria as a result of its inability to uplift the living standards of the citizens above average. He added that those who have been the architect of Nigeria’s economic backwardness should not be trusted with power again.
“That President Buhari has gone to the United Kingdom to attend to his health when Nigerian doctors are yet to be paid is a shame,” he lamented emphasizing that the 3rd Force which could not fly in 2019 will definitely match whoever is currently parading under APC platform. “We are modifying the 3rd Force and we ready for those who have stolen their State blind,” he vows.




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