The kind of President Nigeria needs—Nwachukwu

Ahead of 2023 general elections when Nigerians are expected, once again, to hit the poll and elect another President of the federal republic, Barrister Chuks Nwachukwu, the Presidential candidate of AGA in the 2019 general election has admonished voters  to look beyond rhetoric, size of pocket and of course propaganda and critically examine candidates before casting votes.

This he said, would help to avert a repeat of wrong Presidential choice that would retard Nigeria in the 3rd decade of the 21st century.

In an exclusive interview with OpenLife, Nwachukwu, in his own estimation, stated that Nigeria’s greatest challenge is bad leadership. Therefore, “We need somebody who is young enough to appreciate the issues of the day not somebody who is bringing issues of yesterday into our today, somebody who is fighting imaginary battles inside of his head trying to carry up from where he stopped in 1985.”

On his part, Nwachukwu, a lawyer  declared that he would be contesting the 2023 presidential election. “ I will contest for presidency in 2023” he stated.

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