Sunday Igboho, Buhari, Adesina And Kanu, The Elimination Saga Video (A Must Read & Watch)

Sunday Igboho, Buhari, Adesina And Kanu, The Elimination Saga Video (A Must Read & Watch)

Sunday Igboho

OpenLife Nigeria reproduces a piece by Oladipo Oluwole, an Ibadan based public affairs analyst who refers to a video by Sunday Igboho on the raging former President Buhari’s “favour” to democratic agitators as revealed by Femi Adeshina

Buhari favoured Nnamdi Kanu, stopped government from eliminating him “- Femi Adesina- DAILYPOST, January
21, 2024.

In the OpenLife Magazine publication of January 26, 2024, and social media, I raised three fundamental questions, and two puzzles, amongst others, about Sunday Igboho and Kanu, as follows-

” What a pregnant statement, with meanings? What a suspicious disclosure that a government could contemplate the elimination of her citizen? Is it for the purpose of deepening democratic values, ethnic pluralism/dichotomy, or to energize the existing national peace/crises ? “

“Mr Femi Adesina, therefore, needs to tell us, how favored was former president Buhari’s government, when Kanu’s Nigeria house was invaded, during which he luckily managed to escape abroad, at the peak of his court bail ?”

“…Further clarification is, equally, needed on the underground/covert plans, orchestrated favour, or otherwise, ‘in not eliminating Sunday Igbo-o’, and his eventually killed associates, during Buhari’s government raid on his Nigeria house, thereby turning out widows and fatherless children…”

“…ORO BURUKU- e wo sunsun…e wu iwa kiwa, bi eni ti ko ni kumo- igba lonigba un lo…enikankan ko lee lo ile aye gbo…bo tiwun ka pe laye to, aa pe lorun ju bayi lo (Life is short…power is transient…karma is real)- EJO NBE LORUN…for the CALLOUS AND SOULLESS ONES, indeed”.

Sunday Igboho, however, on his return to Nigeria, recently, deposed in a video, as follows-

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