Scott Tommey, Osmoserve Group CEO, Not Arrested By EFCC

Scott Tommey, Osmoserve Group CEO, Not Arrested By EFCC

Following the rumour in the public space, to the effect that Scott Tommey, group Chief Executive Officer of Osmoserve, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, the company, in a statement signed by Peter Okechukwu, says the information is false.
The statement made available to OpenLife is reproduced below unedited

But for the need to set the records straight before some unprofessional platforms run with a mere rumour fabricated from a pit of hate, top businessman, Scott Tommey would ordinarily have remained his reticent self and allowed his detractors to choke on their evil machinations.

But in an era when utter falsehood can be easily manipulated and dressed in a robe of credibility, fifth columnists should not be given an opportunity to have a field day while flying a kite bearing fake news.

Consequently, through his Media Adviser, Peter Okechukwu, Scott Tommey, the Group Managing Director of Osmoserve Group, has debunked the false claim that he has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja.

Tommey, who has been in business for well over two decades without any scuffle with government authorities, described the story as a “mere rumour concocted from a diseased soul needing urgent surgical attention.”

“In over twenty years of running a business that has grown to become one of the most sought after groups in Nigeria, I have never been involved in any act that sabotages the economy or anything that has the tendency to tarnish my hard earned image.
We place premium value on transparency and accountability in all my businesses. So that story should be discountenanced and not be dignified with any mileage,” Tommey said in a statement made available to The Capital.

Debunking the story as utter lies, Peter Okechukwu, the Special Adviser on Media and Communication to Osmoserve, “This is calling on unsuspecting public to be wary of their shenanigans, as we also wish to sound a note of warning to all those who have made it their pastime to sponsor malicious write-ups, tweets and online publications against Osmoserve Global and our MD, Mr Scott Tommey, that their day of reckoning is not far away,” Okechukwu expressed

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