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Retired Gynecologist Decries Total Demolition Of His 5 Buildings In Lagos

Retired Gynecologist Decries


OpenLife Nigeria reports that an 84-year-old claimant in a civil suit, Dr. Albert Ndulue, on Tuesday, said that five of his buildings, located at Alma Beach Estate in Ikate, Lekki area of Lagos, has been demolished by thugs and armed hoodlums.

He told newsmen that the property is subject matter of a case before an Ajah High Court in Lagos, involving NICON Trustees’ and a said receiver manager .

Ndulue spoke at a press conference, in relation to a suit labelled LD/6727/GCMW/2018 pending before the court in relation to a title claim over a property at plot 8, Block 24, Alma Estate, Lekki, Eti-Osa, Lagos.

The claimant is Dr Albert Ndulue while joined as defendants are NICON Trustees and others.

He said that on July 13, the trial judge, Justice Ganiyu Safari had noted that the processes of the plaintiff was not before the court and had struck same out.

However, the claimant had consequently, re-filed a motion, asking the court to set aside its ruling indicating that their processes was not on record.

Retired Gynecologist Decries Total Demolition Of His 5 Buildings In Lagos
photo view of some parts of the estate

In the alternative, the claimant also sought an injunction, restraining the defendants from relying on the ruling of the court pending final determination of the suit.

Meanwhile, while the suit is still pending in court with the next hearing date fixed for Dec. 12, the claimant alleged that the defendants secured the help of some thugs to begin demolition and theft of assets of the building.

According to him, some of these includes’ ceiling, roofs, windows, electrical fittings as well as damage to the entire building.

He said that most recently, the hoodlums have now completely demolished five of his storey buildings in the premises to ground level and carted away all fittings and assets of the building.

Ndulue said that he legally purchased the property in1991 when Alma estate advertised for the sale of plots of land in Alma Estate which he purchased and was allocated a plot in 1993.

He said that he had requested for and acquired all necessary documents for the property, and in 2011, the management of the estate gave him all the necessary land documents.

He alleged that this was after series of court actions adding that he then proceeded to apply for and obtained Lagos State governor’s consent including development plan.

He said that he began development of his property to almost completion but in 2021 while away on medical vacation, he got a call from a neighbor that his property had been put up for sale.

He said that .it was discovered that it was same characters who were parties to the interim suit already dismissed by the court, that were responsible for the attempted sale of his property.

He said that since then, it has been a thug of war, as hoodlums have now recently again, invaded his property, and demolished five of the buildings.

According to him, these elements are still relying on the interim order of the court which had already been struck out as it was found fraudulent.

Ndulue said that these elements have relied on this expired order to rain down mayhem on his 92 percent completed building.

Whereas , the defendants have described the claim of the claimant as being false, the claimant said that as a reputed medical doctor , he has all necessary documents which entitles him to his property.

He however, said that the defendants on the other hand, has not produced a single document showing an element of ownership on their part.

He alleges that they had secured the help of policemen and armed thugs to intimidate him out of his property.

The next adjourned date for the suit is December 12.

Retired Gynecologist Decries
Some parts of the demolished building


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