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Reporters Dairy: My Unforgettable Experience In Green Africa Flight—Anthony Awunor

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OpenLife Nigeria reproduces an experience by a multiple award winning Aviation Editor, Anthony Awunor, during his flight from Benin to Lagos in Green Africa Airways

I would recommend Green Africa Airways unreservedly to anyone, having flown with the airline recently on a Lagos-Benin route. It was a very short trip but the Lagos-based value airline demonstrated to me that it places a high premium on its customer service.

The airline’s ground staff and cabin crew were truly amazing and served customers with compassion rather than compulsion. To be specific, the two flight attendants – Charles and Chuka, that conducted the flight back from Benin to Lagos showed a high level of professionalism and responsiveness with the passengers.

As soon as we boarded, the flight attendants were so responsive and helpful to everyone confused about their seats that they could help them locate it in a matter of seconds.

With an agile ATR 72-600 with registration number 5N-GAA, we arrived and departed in time; the aircraft was clean. In-flight entertainment was excellent and cabin crew service was superb.

The flight 330 flown by Captain Tokunbo Afolabi and Flight Officer Malik departed Lagos at about 10:50 and arrived in Benin at exactly 11:55 just as scheduled.

Although the early morning flight was delayed a bit due to weather related issues, the airline made up for the lost time as soon the weather normalised, making us depart on time. The seats were comfortable with good ambience and the inflight service was very okay.

The service and attention given to passengers were quite amazing and I never expected snacks during the flight delay period but the airline did serve snacks to all its numerous passengers in addition to 33cl bottled water at the departure hall.

The same round of service was repeated aboard the aircraft shortly after take off and prior to landing in Benin City.

I also took out time to have a look at the lavatory. It was very clean and stocked with quality hygiene products. In fact the entire plane was clean and lush.

What rattled me initially was the design of Green Africa Airways’ boarding pass. Although it is just a small piece of paper different from others, it seems to offer the airline the most efficient, fastest boarding process.

With the easy, printable and scannable boarding pass, the airline has developed a system which allows them to board passengers faster than other airlines.

The airline pulls traffic because passengers spend less time waiting at the check-in counters to get their boarding passes. So if you are looking for a quick and easy boarding experience, Green Africa is one airline head and shoulders above the rest.

From my observation, Green Africa Airways can be rated as one of the best airlines in Nigeria.

In terms of competition, Green Africa is equally doing pretty well as a low-cost airline; with time and through expansion, it will begin to compete favorably with full service airlines on local and international routes.

By all standards, the airline is on track and has really carved out a niche for itself since when it commenced flights on 12 August 2021.

There is no doubt, therefore, that if the airline continues its fantastic customer service, it would come close to meeting up the airline’s 5-point customer promise of safety, affordability, service, reliability and fun.

Reporters Dairy: My Unforgettable Experience In Green Africa Flight---Anthony Awunor
Anthony Awunor


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