PPC is primed to birth the needed revival for Nigeria’s greatness– Benson Adetona

Providence People’s Congress, PPC, one of the nation’s political parties established in 2013, recorded an impressive showing in the 2019 general elections through a dedicated team work and commitment to ideology. So strong has the party been that during the elections, it had 30 senatorial candidates, 70 House of Representatives and 15 governorship candidates on its platform.

During the campaigns, the national chairman of the party, Benson Adetona, admonished Nigerians to look beyond the rhetoric of other political parties and vote for PPC, whose manifestos, according to him, are masses oriented. He stated that Nigerians should discern which of the other political parties truly represented the people and would fight for their betterment.

In a recent exclusive interview with OpenLife, Adetona, in a similar tone advocated, albeit spiritually, on the need for Nigerians to clinically comb the resume of public office seekers before casting ballot “Our position as Providence People’s Congress is for voters to get it right. The government in power should as well  do it right daily and under the leading of the Spirit of God. Those who don’t reckon with God must repent now. Power itself is transient.  Baba Obasanjo left, Yar’Adua left, Goodluck left Buhari would leave. The one after him would leave. It’s a natural law. Let’s keep fixing Nigeria daily and keep 2023 aside, at least for now. 2023 will take care of itself when it comes,” he submitted.

On the prospects of PPC itching higher than it did in 2019 in future elections especially 2023 even though he feels there should be less talk about 2023, the chairman maintains that PPC is the party for the people. He encapsulates his argument on a spiritual pathway saying “the message of the gospel is that of the cross and the ministry is of the Lord Jesus. PPC is called forth to possess the gate of Nigeria through genuine cry for repentance. We are in search of men willing to see the consolation of Nigeria.”

On insecurity, Adetona is highly disturbed about the unwarranted killings in the system. He explained the missed path that regrettably led Nigeria to where it is. The path, he says, is the way of God  “if we return to the Lord by loving Him with all our hearts, might and soul and we choose to love our neighbors as ourselves, we would have no kidnapping, no ritual killings,  no corruption,  no stealing, no evil in society. There will care for the weak, the poor, the  needy, widows,  orphans,  the aged and the homeless.

So there’s disincentive for crime and you don’t need money to make this change. This is what will permanently answer insecurity and that’s where PPC is headed,”

Beyond the well chiseled security plans of PPC when voted into power, Adetona sees “Amotekun is a child of circumstance. Everyone has come to see it as the way to go as other regions come up with their own in the days to come. Providence Peoples Congress envisages that the enabling law will hand it over to the people for governance and management with supervision or oversight of government. Amotekun is a great window to regional government which PPC is aiming to put in place when it forms government,” he stated.

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