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Performance Index: Fubara Stands Tall Among Nigerian Governors—ANPE

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OpenLife Nigeria reports that the Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe, ANPE, has praised Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara’s leadership style, describing him as an asset to Nigeria’s democracy.

The group emphasised that Governor Fubara’s approach to politics is still relatively rare in Nigeria’s dynamic political landscape.

In a statement signed by its President, Dr Reginald Agamah, ANPE noted that despite distractions from disgruntled politicians in the state, Governor Fubara’s achievements in just one year in office are far-reaching and worthy of commendations.

Dr Agamah lauded Governor Fubara for resisting the urge to use the distractions he faced from state actors as an excuse not to perform.

He admonished detractors to give Rivers State time to heal and be better positioned for development.

“The Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe, ANPE, commend Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State for his unique approach to governance,” the statement said. We commend the Governor for prioritising the interest of Rivers people over politics.

“Governor Fubara’s brand of politics is still relatively rare in Nigeria’s dynamic political landscape, resembling the egalitarianism of Abraham Lincoln. His personal political philosophy is worthy of emulation.

“Without sounding immodest and backed by empirical evidence, Governor Sim Fubara stands tall today amongst his colleagues as a peerless brand of humility, integrity, prudence, love for the people, honesty of purpose, candour, and a patriotic fervour still uncommon in Nigerian effervescent political horizon.

“Little wonder why he has garnered attention from both political and non-political circles due to his distinctive style of politicking. Governor Fubara has been rightly crowned the ‘Governor of the Year’ in his first year in office as a first-termer by several national and international publications, professional bodies, civil society organisations et al.

“We are very happy and want to extend our appreciation to Governor Sim, as he is fondly called by the people, for not letting Rivers people down despite the array of distractions he is facing in office.

“We commend him for not drowning in the pool of antics of detractors and saboteurs. He has demonstrated a strong character and unparalleled sagacity.

“He has no doubt presented himself as an asset to Nigeria’s democracy. His steadfastness is not only a win for Rivers people but also a victory for Nigeria’s democracy, especially against godfatherism.

“We commend the Governor for not allowing detractors to deter him from delivering good governance to Rivers people.

“No one would have thought that an embattled Governor would embark on an ambitious project like the Port Harcourt Ring Road project, which Fubara’s administration flagged off on 17 July 2023; the largest infrastructure project by a State Government in Nigeria.

“His achievements across critical sectors such as health, education, agriculture, human capital development, and security are quite commendable. Governor Fubara’s revitalization efforts are self-evident and realistic.

“We, therefore, admonish detractors to give Rivers State time to heal. The state is still bleeding from the destabilization orchestrated by disgruntled politicians and saboteurs.

“The Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe commend Rivers people for their unwavering support for their beloved Governor Sim.

“They recognize his immense potential, sagacity, and visionary leadership, supported by undeniable evidence. We share their sentiments wholeheartedly. With Sim Fubara, one can only anticipate quality and unparalleled governance.

“We also commend the peace-loving Governor Fubara for his leadership instinct which is responsible for the relative peace in the state.

“It is on record that the Governor is sustaining the peace in the State by complying with the Rivers Peace Accord signed at the behest of President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, despite the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike and his allies disregarding the 8-point agreement.

“This not only shows that Fubara is committed to lasting peace in the state but also demonstrates that he is, indeed a man of integrity. Governor Fubara is the kind of leader Nigerians long for.”

Performance Index: Fubara Stands Tall Among Nigerian Governors--- ANPE
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