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Our Partnership With NDLEA To Check Drug Abuse—-Princess Ada Okeke Amam

Our Partnership With NDLEA To Check Drug Abuse

Princess Ada Okeke Amam, businesswoman and founder, Adorable Foundation International, an NGO, in this interview with Isaac Ngumah, OpenLife Magazine’s Staff Writer, speaks on the danger of drugs and her collaborative efforts with NDLEA to fight drug abuse

How are you tackling drug abuse?

I will not tell you that I can make the world free of drugs. It is just that our foundation has been part of the foundations that are creating awareness on the danger of these hard drugs. And so far so good, we have been trying to do our best on awareness campaigns against the usage of drugs. Our NGO tends to do more on schools which we have been doing.
There are ongoing campaigns through secondary schools, universities and so on.
However, some people go into this hard drug not knowing the effects and the dangers. We tag along with NDLEA to do the awareness.
How are these awareness calendar?

Since 2015, we have been doing something yearly, quarterly in schools. This year, on June 26, I went to the United Nations for the World International Drug Day.
So, AFI has been following it up across Nigeria.

What other programme does AFI do?

There is an empowerment programme on widows and the less privileged, usually done towards the December period for Christmas to put smiles on people’s faces before I start my own Christmas celebration.
There is a home-based clinic in AFI where we do some SOS as well as go visiting.
We have the hand of hope, it is the one that takes care of the widows.
God has kept us alive to still continue the good work.
Jesus is the head of the foundation.
We cannot leave everything to the government. There are some we can do to assist and that is what AFI is trying to do for a better society.
What is your assessment of the level of drug abuse?

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The level is so high, probably because of depression.
Like the boy we took to Yaba, he kept saying it was depression that got him into drugs. He came out of school, no job and he started doing hard drugs.
According to him, he started when he was in school in Ghana, I cannot remember the school in Ghana.
But the level is so high on youths. NDLEA is doing its best to crack down on drug agents. The enlightenment is ongoing by NDLEA and AFI.

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