Our commitment to Igbo Presidency in 2023 remains unshaken, Japhet Anyanwu, RBNP Chair

Disgusted by policy somersaults and orchestrated mal administration that have defined Nigeria’s democratic governance, Re-Build Nigeria Peoples Party, RBNP, has raised hope that there would be light at the end of the tunnel as the party prepares for 2023 presidential contest.

Specifically, the party national chairman, Chief Japhet  Anyanwu, in an exclusive interview with OpenLife, says Nigeria would be better under an Igbo President which he explains that RBNP currently pursues under his leadership.

“The next president would be an Igbo man. We are tested and trusted. RBNP would feature a candidate in 2023 and the candidate would be an Igbo man,” he said adding that it is only fair an Igbo is supported since other geo political zones have been producing presidents.”

But when reminded that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has de registered RBNP,  Anyanwu enthused that it was wrong, in the first instance, for INEC to de register political parties saying that “it was on the basis of that we went  to court and we won. What is left at the moment is that the INEC should obey the court judgment so that we can begin to contest elections,” he said.

But given that preparations have begun in earnest for Edo and Ondo state elections which INEC has fixed for September and October respectively, Anyanwu  assures that hope is still high for RBNP  to contest both elections saying “There is still time. We are very optimistic in the Edo and Ondo elections. The lockdown is the problem. Having won in court, we expect INEC to do the needful as soon as the lockdown is lifted for our aspirants to get cracking. INEC must learn to obey court order as speedily as possible,” he advised.

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