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Opinion Poll {1}: Can Tinubu Win 2023 Presidential Election?

Opinion Poll {1}: Can Tinubu Win 2023 Presidential Election?

OpenLife Nigeria reports that as the 2023 general elections gather momentum, there are different opinions about the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress, APC candidate.
Tinubu’s case is peculiar in view of the circumstances that threw him up as the candidate of the ruling APC.
Days to the primary election of the APC, the former Lagos State governor had stirred the honest’s nest in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital where he explained, to the chagrin of all, the role he played in ensuring President Muhammadu Buhari won 2015 presidency after several attempts.
Tinubu’s out pour at that event did not only rattle some northern stakeholders who felt he insulted President Buhari but has also become a national anthem especially the “emi lokan” meaning it is my turn.
Besides, his choice of running mate which political watchers have dubbed Muslim-muslim ticket does not seem to be well received in the enclave of voters who are of the believe that the Christians do not matter in the reckoning of Tinubu.
In this first opinion poll, in the series of opinion poll of all the presidential candidates across party line in the 2023 election, OpenLife ‘Media Attachee’ from Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Ayankunle Adenike Mary, sampled the opinion of voters on the streets of Lagos on the possibility of Tinubu’s winning the 2023 election.
The responses of Lagosians are reproduced below on the question, “Can Tinubu win 2023?”

The thing is, he’s already too old to be a country’s president. An old man like him shouldn’t be running for an election in a civilized country.
At this current state of Nigeria, if we should elect someone like Tinubu as the President, this country is gone. You should see his face the night of his victory when he emerged as the winner after the primaries. A leader looking that way shows the country is about to be in another mess.
He doesn’t look like he wants to be a President. He looks like he’s coming for revenge because people no longer believe in APC. And that’s the beginning of his failure.
NO. Why? Because the level of trust people have in him is very low. And it looks like he wants to turn Nigeria to Saudi Arabia, an all Muslim country. Even choosing a Muslim as his running mate does not sound well. Abeg, what is he trying to say? In fact, he is old enough already. He should be resting and making use of whatever wealth he has.
Why can’t he win? He has all the experience and the power of governance at least he has ruled this State as a governor and he knows what Nigeria needs and lacks.
Yes of course, just that people should believe in what he has in mind for Nigeria. I believe he’s going to make positive changes as Nigeria’s President from 2023.
The answer is clear. The fact that he doesn’t have the support and belief from a large session of his party members in APC especially the Yemi Osinbajo’s camp, Rotimi Amaechi and others who contested with him and are not ready to work for him. Besides, most people around him are there because of his money. How can he win?
I am not that sure. Let’s just wait and see what 2023 has to offer.
That’s because many people already have it in mind that he has nothing to offer. Even his campaign needs some touch up.
Was he even supposed to win the primary election? The old man should just step down. Already, we have known people that know the problems of this country way better than he does.
I don’t know why people think Tinubu cannot win 2023 election. He has knowledge of what politics is and knows Nigeria well. Of course he can win. However, it depends largely on how he has the support of the people and trust.
The issue of politics in this country get as e be. The youths are becoming very active. And any one that doesn’t have the youth in mind is already a failure. The man is shaking already and people are already having a second thought about him. And he’s a zig zag man. You can hardly predict what is next about him.
Already, people have their choice of person they want to vote for. I am not sure I will vote for Tinubu because I have gained nothing so far from his little speeches I have listened to.
The thing is: I don’t read other people’s mind . So I don’t know what they are thinking. The fact there is just that we should vote right. Vote with our senses. However, for me, I am not that sure I will vote for Tinubu. He doesn’t even have the vibe of a President. He should stop stressing himself. The man is old enough already.
I don’t understand what an old man like Tinubu is looking for in politics. Don’t we have other people that have more than what he can offer to this country? He’s failing already in case he doesn’t know.


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