98th National Executive Committee meeting



Sir, l join other well- meaning Nigerians to congratulate you on your recent award of Excellence by the President and Commander – in – Chief.

However, it is worthy to note sir, that Waziri Abubakar Atiku is God’s Ordained and preferred candidate to assume the leadership of our great Country Nigeria by 2023.

There is no amount of character assassination against his person, the party and our National Chairman can change the minds of the Nigerian electorate who are irrevocably committed to his emergence.

You can unleash the whole demons in hell, it’s time and chance that happens to men, this is ATIKU’s time and your own political days are numbered. Like a roaring lion, surely there shall be an end to your activities.

The party is not your personal property and the National Chairman won’t resign because of your blackmail. The earlier you concentrated on your newl party and the presidential candidate you have adopted, the better for you.

It’s very irritating hearing you talk about PDP every day, the party you have so much tried to destroy, you have us unprintable and ugly names.

So what do you really want?

Can you ever again market the same party or flag bearer you have so ridiculed and de -marketed? .

Yoruba adage says ” if you sell off your neighbour for 1 kobo, you can’t repurchase him with 1000 kobo. The extent of the damage you have done against the party is beyond reconciliation.

Though we all speak queen’s English here in Nigeria, the fact remains that we are Nigerians, no one properly brought up in this part of the world will speak to his Elders, the way and manner you and your boys are doing in the name of politics.

Your conduct is unbecoming of an “important personality” ” like you .

The most annoying part is that you keep saying if Ayu does this or that, you will expose him. Can anything be worse than what you have already done?

The fact is that you have unconsciously put an end to your political career . It is said the evil that a man does, lives after him.

My sincere advice to your Excellency, is that you should humble yourself and make an open apology to the party, the candidate and Nigerians as a whole.

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