Omokri Reno

Omokri Reno Further Exposes Natasha Akpoti

Omokri Reno Further Exposes Natasha

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Omokri Reno, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has further exposed Natasha H Akpoti, the Social Democratic Party, SDP gubernatorial candidate in the
Kogi 2019 Elections.
Natasha had earlier pointed out the discrepancy in Omokri Reno’s passport stamps which he presented to deny the allegations against him.
The fair-complexioned politician claimed Reno made advances at her in 2014, when he was an SA to the President, despite being married.
She also alleged that Reno had “numerous girlfriends” when he was an aide to former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, and he used his position to connect those girlfriends so that they could benefit from the “Sure P” initiative.
Her comment comes after Reno shamed a lady who jokingly asked him to be her sugar daddy.
Reno told the lady that he has a wife and leaving his wife for her will be like leaving iPhone 13 for iPhone 3.
This caused the woman to trend on Facebook yesterday, October 12.
In response, Omokri shared his international passport evidence that he wasn’t in Nigeria at the time Natasha claims he made a pass at her. Reno Omokri stated he wasn’t in Nigeria neither was he at the event she claimed he was toasting her.
The dates on the passport give the lady Natasha out because it clearly shows that Reno Omokri was nowhere in Nigeria April 2014 and he returned to Nigeria somewhere in May hence there was no way he could be at the event.
He then insinuated that Natasha is an old Nokia 3310 and asked why he’ll be interested in her when he has an iPhone 13 at home.
He, however, didn’t deny Natasha’s allegation that he had numerous girlfriends he helped benefit from Sure P. But on Thursday afternoon, Natasha pointed out the discrepancy in Reno’s passport stamps.
She wrote:

Dear Reno Omokri,

I couldn’t help but laugh hard at your post which reeks of selective dementia, deceit and misogynistic prejudice.

You published your passport page with “selected” immigration stamps as “receipt” to alibi your absence at the State Banquet organized in honor of President Uhuru Kenyatta where I affirm that you Reno, made flirtatious advances which I turned down. Let’s analyze your “receipts” as evidence. Immigration officers can chip in expertise.

Facts to Note:
1. Nigerian immigration stamps Seen on Departure (SOD) when you leave the country.

2. Nigeria immigration stamps Seen on Arrival (SOA) when you return to the country.

3. The green stamp has an arrow or plane either pointing into the stamp or outward to depict outbound or inbound passage.

Now, a critical look at your stamps and basing them on your acclaimed narration of “having traveled to the USA on the 28th of April 2014 and RETURNED to Nigeria on the 23rd June 2014; shows great inconsistency.

Reno, the Nigerian Immigration stamp of the 23rd June 2014 has SOD and stamped you OUT of Nigeria; not into as you claim.

Whereas, the green stamp to the top right reading 23rd July 2014 has SOA and stamped you into Nigeria.

What does this mean:

That you Reno were in Nigeria during Kenyatta’s visit, attended the Banquet and traveled on the 23rd of June which is a month and two weeks AFTER the event; and returned to the country on 23rd July 2014.

However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have entered the USA on the 28th April 2014; but it could have a short day or two trip and returned to Nigeria before the 4th May in time to attend the Banquet.

As at this point dear Reno, you are yet to prove your date of return from your 28 April 2014 USA travel. This probably because Nigerians will figure your lie and know that you were in Nigeria at the questioned moment.

You see, time doesn’t move backward, hence, you couldn’t have been stamped leaving Nigeria on the 23rd June 2014 and arriving in the USA 28th April 2014. Impossible.

This proves my dear Reno that you lied in your publications about your absence; just like how you lied about not making a pass at me at the State Banquet.

For all it’s worth, Nigerians aren’t as gullible as you think. You have over the years been an expert in the fabrication of lies and manipulation of truth which honestly stands tall in depicting the despicable nature of your character. I rest my case and l leave the good public to decipher the irregularities contained within your stamps.

Omokri Reno  Responds

Seeing how Natasha punctured his claims, Reno Omokri came out smoking with further revelations tagged #TableShaker, to deny the allegations. He said:

Dear followers.

I am a very meticulous record keeper. After discussing with my lawyer yesterday, I deliberately released only 2 pages from my passport knowing that the said Natasha Akpoti would be tempted to pick holes in them. This is the same strategy I pulled when I released the #AmaechiTapes

In the said Natasha’s case, I released only the biodata page of my passport and one other page. There was a third page that my lawyer asked me not to publish, to allow the said Natasha to walk into our trap.

In the case of the #AmaechiTape, I released only a few seconds of Amaechi’s voice and waited for the Presidency to deny the story, which they did. Then I released the rest of the evidence.

Now that the said Natasha Akpoti has responded and called me a liar, let me now release more of the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that not only is this woman a liar, but that she is sponsored.

In the first photo, you will see that I arrived in San Francisco and had my passport stamped on arrival on April 28, 2014.

In the second photo, which we deliberately did not publish yesterday, you will see that I had my passport stamped on arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on May 10, 2014.

President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nigeria between May 4-7, 2014. The said Natasha Akpoti claimed that I made a pass at her during a Presidential banquet in his honour at Aso Rock.

If I had released the second page of my passport, the said Natasha would have changed the story and said that the incident occurred at another occasion.

So I was advised by my lawyer to deliberately release only one page and give the impression that I arrived on June 23, 2014, to trick her into making a statement that will implicate her when we go to court.

We also have more damning evidence against this blackmailer, which we will also release in court, including correspondence from British Airways affirming that I flew in their plane on April 28, 2014 to San Francisco from London Heathrow, after arriving in London the previous day, and flew on their plane back to Nigeria. She fell for my lawyer’s trap.

It is very important to expose women like the said Natasha Akpoti, both on social media and in court, or they will destroy many innocent men, as they have done before.



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