Okonta Martins

Okonta promises communities potabale water

Okonta Martins, Delta Commissioner for Water Resources has assured communities of potable water.

Honourable Okonta stated this during an inspection tour of water projects in Warri North Local Government Area.

Communities visited during the tour included Ogbudugbudu, Ogbinbiri, Opuama, Ajameta and Tebu.

 According to him, Delta government has reinforced its commitment to the provision of potable and clean water. This will aid the government in  achieving effective water supply, sanitation and hygiene in the state.

Honourable Okonta lauded Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for his efforts to build a legacy of solid and substantial water projects. Okowa’s efforts, he stressed are  not only in urban cities but in rural communities.

He added the state government has awarded the contract to a reputable company. According to him, the contractor has the wherewithal, the facility and all the essential expertise to construct potable clean water.

The commissioner assured the communities that the governor has ordered a first of its kind technique called “Reverse Osmosis.” Reverse Osmosis is a treatment mechanism where equipment is installed in the water, to generate drinkable water for the communities.

Above all, Okonta appealed to Chevon Nigeria to continue its own part of the negotiation as agreed with the government.

The communities appreciated the governor for having their interest at heart. The communities pointed out Okowa’s benefits to include the rehabilitation of the water scheme which has been aged long agitation amongst other benefits.

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