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Obi 2023: Soludo Is desecrating ‘Umunna’—Former Minister

Obi 2023: Soludo Is desecrating ‘Umunna’

OpenLife Nigeria reports that following the attack on the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, in the 2023 election by the incumbent governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo to the effect that Obi does not stand a chance to become Nigeria’s next president, Professor Fabian Ngozichukwu Chinedum Osuji, 80 , former Minister of Education in Nigeria from July 2003 till March 2005, has lashed out on governor Soludo, describing him as an ungrateful man who is out to desecrate the spirit of Umunna {kinsmen} and the Ndigbo brotherliness.
In a piece that went viral on social media, the Anambra State Governor, had declared that the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, cannot win the 2023 elections.
Soludo said Obi himself knew he could not win, adding that the LP standard bearer was only playing game.
The governor said this on Monday in an article titled, ‘History beckons and I will not be silent (Part 1)’.
He said, “Let’s be clear: Peter Obi knows that he can’t and won’t win. He knows the game he is playing, and we know too, and he knows that we know.
“The game he is playing is the main reason he didn’t return to the All Progressives Grand Alliance. The brutal truth (and some will say, God forbid) is that there are two persons/parties seriously contesting for president: the rest is exciting drama!
“That many Americans may not like the fact that Joe Biden (79 years) and Donald Trump (76 years) are two frontrunners for president in their parties does not remove the fact that if both of them emerge as candidates, definitely one of them will be president in 2024.
“As my brother, I wish him well and even pray for him. I told him during his courtesy call that my prayer is that he or Professor Umeadi of APGA would win, why not?
“That is from my heart but I also told him that my head and facts on the ground led me to know that its probability is next to zero (what I cannot say before you, I won’t say behind you).
“So I already told him my opinion. Indeed, there is no credible pathway for him near the first two positions, and if care is not taken, he won’t even near the third position,” Soludo stated.

Former Education Minister, Professor Fabian Osuji Reacts

Professor Fabian Osuji
Professor Fabian Osuji

I am thoroughly embarrassed about the level of hostility being exhibited by our brother and friend Prof Charles Soludo towards Peter Obi. He cannot claim to be self made. People like us participated in making him.
I was Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council at the University of Nigeria when his papers came for approval for Professorship. I could have found reason to withhold or deny assent .But we put him out and praised his work. That made President Obasanjo appoint him Economic Adviser without hesitation.
Three years later, three of us, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Oby Ezekwesili, and myself were attending a Conference in Brussels when President Obasanjo called Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who was Finance Minister, to ask for the nomination of Governor of Central Bank.
We gave a unanimous vote for Prof Charles Soludo. We were Ministers of Finance, Education, and Due Process.
As Ndigbo, we were proud to support our brother. He was not the sole candidate. Obasanjo gave him the position. Everyone rejoiced. That was the power of Umunna.
Years later, I cannot imagine the same person who benefited resoundingly from the support of Umunna being the one to pull down his own brother who is enjoying overwhelming support elsewhere. I am truly ashamed of him.
Ndigbo should not allow him to get away with this. He should be made to withdraw all his damaging statements against Obi.There is still time for him to reverse himself in this matter. Ndigbo must not allow him to get away with this,” Professor Fabian Osuji stated.

Governror Soludo
Governor Soludo


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