Obasa receives Confidence Vote from House members

Obasa Mudashiru , Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly has received confidence votes from  35  members of the House.

 The confidence vote came on Monday even as House Members denied plot to impeach the Speaker.

The lawmakers praised the Speaker’s style of leadership. They named Honourable  Olumuyiwa Jimoh as the brain behind the false information.

 Jimoh was fingered as the fellow behind fake stories about the House and its leadership.

During plenary, Honourable Rotimi Olowo, representing Somolu Constituency 1, raised a motion eulogising Obasa over his leadership style.

Olowo thanked the Speaker for addressing the EndSARS protesters at the late hours of Thursday despite his tight schedule. He stressed that  it was rare for a leader to do such at that period of time.

“I rise this afternoon to appreciate you and the Deputy Speaker for the prompt response to the EndSARS protest. On Thursday, my son in Canada told me he saw you and the Deputy Speaker addressing the youths at midnight.

“It shows that you are not just a leader but a brother whom blood runs in his vein. And we all know that the youths is the strength of this nation. There are youths who are doing negative things but we have many who are very hardworking.

“They have won many accolades and awards in and outside Nigeria. For taken time to address the protesters, it shows you are more than a leader but a father and  builder.

“In addition, on Friday, you called an emergency plenary to address the issue of the EndSARS protesters. Aside that, you have done things that make me to appreciate you. The preservation of Yoruba language and culture by introducing the speaking of Yoruba language during plenary session on Thursdays.


“Before I will move vote of confidence on you, I want to say this. You should allow members to raise their voice and as well their hands to speak. This is  because the mischievous people have started again with intention to destroy your person.

“On Saturday, I read on social media that 26 members of the House have begun to sign for your impeachment. I don’t know the 26 the report was talking about. I know that you have the majority in this House. And I also know that we are more than 26 loyal to  you because you are a great man.

“We should know the 26 members that have signed for your impeachment today. So, I want to urge you, Mr Speaker to allow the members to talk and eulogise you because you are doing well”, said Olowo.

“In  his comments, the lawmaker representing Surulere 1, Hon Desmond Elliot, said the issue of lawmakers signing impeachment notice against the speaker was becoming too much, saying that the leadership should invoke the suspension of erring members.

Also, Honourable Fatai Oluwa ( Ajeromi Ifelodun 2) made clarifications. He said  he co travelled with the Speaker  to Turkey as against the story that Speaker went alone.

“I was part of the lawmakers who travelled to Instabul in Turkey. But to may surprise, I read online, Honourable Wahab Jimoh’s name was not mentioned as part of beneficiaries. This shows that he was the one who was divulging information about this House to the media,” he said.

The lawmaker representing Ifako/Ijaiye 1, Honourable Temitope Adewale, assured the Speaker of his loyalty. He said before he was elected, he had known the House to be a peaceful Assembly.


Adewale also accused Honourable Wahab Jimoh of divulging unauthorised information to the media. He said  he listened recently to a voice note where the alleged lawmaker told some people to search for Houses owned by the Speaker abroad and in Nigeria.

Also, Honourable Olusola Sokunle ( Oshodi-Isolo 1) said his loyalty to the Speaker remains unshakable. He  added that those fingered in the act of divulging information of the House to the media should be suspended.

“My loyalty to Speaker Obasa is unshakable. I don’t know why some people would be after pulling Mr Speaker down at all cost. We want the Majority Leader to speak out on whether he belongs to the majority or the minority.

“We have information at our disposal that Honourable Wahab Jimoh is searching around for Obasa’s properties in United States. If any information comes out to the media, I suggest that Honourable Wahab Jimoh should be suspended indefinitely. We should also investigate my dear brother, Honourable Moshood Oshun if he is part of it. When we have peace we will call them back”, said Sokunle.

Honourable Lukmon Olumoh ( Ajeromi-Ifelodun 1) said “I don’t know why some members will want to bring down the Speaker at all cost. He is doing well. He has contributed to the growth and development of State parliament in Nigeria and Lagos in particular. I want to assure Mr Speaker that I remain loyal to him and will stand with him till the end.” 

Honourable Victor Akande ( Ojo 2), on his part, described Obasa as a listening leader. He sees him as a man  who accommodates members’ views, saying that the Speaker was instrumental to his re-election.


“I will want the Majority Leader to speak out on where he belongs on this House. We are majority in this House and he is our majority leader. The minority cannot rule over the majority”, said Akande.

While responding,  the Majority Leader, Honourable  Sanai Agunbiade, said he was embarrassed by the comments of those asking him to state where he belongs on the issue. He added that with the vote of confidence passed on the Speaker, those behind the purported impeachment plan have failed.

“I know well that impeachment of the Speaker cannot be done on the social media. It  takes a process,” said Agunbiade.

All lawmakers in attendance took turn to appreciate the legislative acumen and leadership of Speaker Obasa.

However, the Speaker of the House, Rt (Hon) Mudashiru Obasa, said: “I don’t entertain any fear concerning the media reports. My becoming the Speaker was  through the Almighty Allah. This House of Assembly is one and will remain one forever. The House is not divided.”

Obasa said that the media report that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has uncovered 40 duplexes and other properties linked to him was the handiwork of his political enemies.

“I strongly believe that my becoming Speaker was by divine intervention. It was not something planned. It happened through the will of Allah. Being here today as Speaker with you is still by the grace of Almighty Allah. So, if one believes this, he would have peace of mind,” he said.

The Speaker said the House is one and continue to remain one.

“This House will never be divided. If there is anybody that is not please let him adjust himself. Let us see this House as our responsibility.


“I have been here for a while, a Speaker had been removed, a Deputy Speaker had been removed. So, if anybody is removed, he should take it as part of the process of the House. Nobody, including me, can say that without him the House cannot progress. We should desist from that,” he said.

Obasa noted that everything that has happened since March concerning the Assembly is political.

“The interest is to get the Speaker out of way, not because of Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa. There have been allegations upon allegations. We challenged them to bring evidence of awarding contracts to family members, nobody has been able to bring any. We have challenged them to bring approvals that we have not implemented, nothing.

“They have taken me to EFCC. I have been invited and I have honoured their invitation. The invitation continues. So, it is nothing but desperation to get the Speaker out of the way. I just hope EFCC would not allow itself to be dragged into political matters.

“Let us continue to work together in the interest of our people. Those who are chasing shadows will get tired.

“Muyiwa Jimoh was calling America asking for Obasa’s house number. We have the evidence. and many records of this colleague. As leaders, we just ignored so many things.

“Thanks to God we are almost all members in the House today and we heard what every member said. It shows that the House is one and peaceful. We will continue to be so and not allow anybody to distract us from doing what we are here for.

“Once again, I pray that Almighty Allah will continue to support each one of us as you have always supported me in this assignment. Thank you.

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