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Non Existent Offices On Budgetary Allocations {1}

Non existent offices in the presidency on budgetary allocation causes ripples
OpenLife Nigeria reports that there are non existent offices in the presidency that are on budgetary allocation.
This online medium gathered that the development is causing tension in the public with analysts calling for a review of government’s direction.
The Nigeria 2021 budget of N13.6 trillion, about $35.66 billion,  that contains some of these financial infractions through non existent offices, was approved on December 22, 2020 by the National Assembly. The budget has assumptions of 3% annual economic growth, oil prices of $40 a barrel and 1.86 million barrels a day of crude production.
In a face book post titled “Corruption Everywhere,” a concerned Nigeria {Name withheld} wrote:

“How do you even explain this that newly laid rail tracks are stolen?
Can anyone understand this?
But are the thieves worst than those who steal our funds before they get to their budgeted locations for more rail tracks or for good roads, hospitals and education?
Consider those who die on our roads and under our corruption ridden health systems.
Thieves from top to down.
Even inside the villa, the non-existent office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the president has been receiving budgetary allocations in the last five years.
I don’t think even PMB knows or cares who has been chopping the money, over N116m so far.
There is another N46m in this year’s budget. Check NNPC.
The local thieves take the rail tracks, the politicians, the civil servants and everyone, including your mechanics and tailors just want to take a bite at anyone in sight.
The police, military, contractors just name it, including those privileged in the media and within the anti-corruption agencies are just taking bites in their corners.
Different colors of the same problem exist in religious houses.
How did we get here really?
If you add up insecurity and incompetence in leadership, the high cost of governance (bogus National Assembly, nearly one thousand federal MDAs and some 30 or more unviable states) and the dwindling revenue sources, you know we need very urgent measures before we see Afghanistan here.”

The non existent offices with budgetary allocation series continues


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