Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu And Igboho’s Real Financiers—-Reps Member


Nnamdi Kanu And Igboho’s Real Financiers

OpenLife Nigeria reports that as Nigerians across the world celebrate the country’s 61st Independence anniversary on Friday, October 1, an age-long puzzle on the sources of the financial strength of the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and the promoter of Yoruba nation, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, took the centre stage of discussion in the enclave of public affairs analyst.
Offering an insight earlier in the day, President Muhammadu Buhari came out clear on individuals sponsoring the activities of separatist groups. Buhari disclosed this in his nationwide broadcast to Nigerians to mark the nation’s 61st independence.
According to the President, “The recent arrests of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo, and the ongoing investigations being conducted have revealed certain high-profile financiers behind these individuals. We are vigorously pursuing these financiers including one identified as a serving member of the National Assembly.
“This is a clear example of how people abandon their national leadership positions for their selfish gains. Instead of preaching unity, they are funding and misleading our youths to conduct criminal acts that sometimes lead to unfortunate and unnecessary loss of lives and property.
“As the so-called leaders run abroad to hide, our innocent youths are misled and left in the streets to fight for their senseless and destructive causes.”
Reacting, Eucharia Azodo Okwunna, a former House of Representatives member disagreed with President Buhari.
The former House of Reps Committee Chairman on Drugs and Narcotics explained that the President should take responsibility for the security failure in Nigeria.
She pointed out that as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the President can do better by concentrating efforts in solving the security menace rather than pointing fingers at National Assembly member as responsible for the financial support of anti-government organizations.
The 60 years old Peoples Democratic Party, PDP member noted that accusing National Assembly is diversionary.
Speaking exclusively to OpenLife on Friday afternoon, Honourable Okwunna lamented that there is nothing to celebrate in the country’s 60th anniversary.
Said she: “There is nothing to celebrate. I am no longer in the Reps. The killings are too much. In Anambra State here, we are indoor. We cannot go out because of insecurity. We have never seen such killings in Nigeria before,” she remarked.
When reminded by OpenLife that President Buhari is making progress by identifying who the sponsors of anti-government organizations are, Okwunna retorted saying “How can you say a member of NASS is funding insecurity? How can the President say that? President Buhari is the cause of our security problems. He has been funding the Fulanis to kill people. How did they get the gun they use in killing people every day? Is he not the one backing them through his open grazing policy? She asked.
Speaking further, Honourable Okwunna vowed not to defect to the All Progressives Congress, APC despite the intimidating persuasions of the ruling party to cage other political parties and entrench a one-party state.
The former Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly disclosed to OpenLife that the desperation of APC to win at all cost has assumed a frightening dimension.
“They are buying people with N50 million each. That is just for House of Assembly members. I don’t have the figures they are offering National Assembly members.
“This is sad. We are surprised that the international community is watching APC as they are raping democracy. I will remain with PDP forever. We are going to vote and our votes will count,” she vowed.

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