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My Problem With Sanwo Olu—–Rotimi Amaechi

My problems with a governor
OpenLife Nigeria reports that in a deft move to ensure that developments in Nigeria are facilitated through effective transportation, the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Right Honourable Rotimi Amaechi, has exposed areas he expects governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to take immediate actions.
But to his utter disappointment, governor Sanwo-Olu, who he describes as his friend, is slow at implementing his recommended measures which are aimed at addressing the destruction of Nigeria’s commonwealth.
These were part of the grouse Rotimi out poured on Monday in Abuja.
Speaking at a Town Hall meeting organized by the Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation on vandalization of public assets attended by OpenLife, Amaechi gave clinical details of the sordid vandalization of rail tracks across the country.
He maintained that the vandalization of tracks, which is directly under his Ministry’s supervision, is his major source of worry saying the federal government is spending billions of dollars to improve on rail transport for Nigerians.
Yet, to think that some Nigerians have developed penchant for vandalism is antithetical to national development.
He enumerated cases across Nigeria where rail tracks have been vandalized.
He explained that north west and east including middle belt are regions where his ministry has recorded high cases.
“From Abuja to Kaduna, we go every morning to ensure that the bolts used in joining the tracks together, which are vandalized almost everyday, are replaced before train moves.
“The reason we have resorted to this extra measure is to prevent accident of derail and avoid loss of life and goods.
“It is dangerous to allow train to take off when such inspection has not been carried out. This is because train does not have automatic break mechanism to avoid failed portion of the tracks like vehicles,” he lamented.
In the western axis, Amaechi disclosed that cases of track stealing are minimal but stated that Lagos market men and women have turned rail tracks to shops.
“In Lagos, they don’t steal rail tracks or vandalize the bolts but they build shops on rail tracks. Market women and men have turned it to their shops, selling all manner of things.
“Whenever they notice train is approaching, they would momentarily move out their wares and return immediately the train is off that scene.
“Same thing applies in Port Harcourt. Whenever I visit Mile One in Port Harcourt, it doesn’t seem those tracks are newly built. It is a terrible situation.
“In Lagos, double gauge that were built recently looks as if it was built in 1901 as a result of markets wares. All manner of firth litter the tracks.
“I have called Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s attention to it. I told him to get those people arrested and send them to jail to serve as deterrent to others but till now, the governor has neither arrested nor prosecuted any of the defaulters,” Amaechi disclosed.


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