My Challenges With Men— Former Wife Of Ooni

My Challenges With Men


OpenLife Nigeria reports that Queen Silekunola Naomi , former wife of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja 11)has opened up on the challenges of being a beautiful Queen and love advances from men.
In an interview earlier published in Punch, the Queen who recently clocked 30, reveals how she wards off men
According to her, men are naturally created to love beautiful women. She said:

Early enough, I took some measures even before I came into the limelight, and some people started seeing them as excessive, awkward and off. However, those things I structured helped me. A pretty young girl, it does not matter if you spit fire, you walk into a space, they don’t care if you are coming to minister. The first thing they are seeing is not what is coming out of you, but what is outside of you. And would you blame a complete man? Because once a man is complete, he is attracted to anything beautiful. Would you blame him if he started making advances? Those who are uncouth and ill-mannered will even want to take it by force.

I was always going in company with people, especially family members. I had older siblings and I had my mum. Every time I went out to minister or see people, you would never see me alone. It was like that and it was so difficult that people wondered, ‘Who’s going to marry her?’ Because, how are you going to approach me? You’re never going to see me alone.

I always have someone, and my phone is always on speed dial. So, once I press it, they will get me in a matter of seconds or minutes, and you will also know that I am not alone even though we are together in this room alone, there is somebody waiting outside.

So, that was a kind of put-off for people who would have loved to do something. They don’t really find me that attractive; they find me as, ‘This one must be old school, why will she be going around with people, why can’t she just walk alone?’

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