Moneymaster Partners “Ounje Eko” For Easy Transactions

Moneymaster Partners


OpenLife Nigeria reports that foremost payment service bank, MoneyMaster Payment Service Bank Limited (MMPSB), is partnering with the Lagos State Government on its “Ounje Eko” Food Markets, a food price discount initiative to bring succor to residents of the state.

MMPSB was recently appointed as the collection and payment partner for “Ounje Eko” Food Markets programme which is a government initiative serving the five divisions of Lagos State.

By this appointment, MoneyMaster Payment Service Bank will collect payments in 57 LCDAs in the state.

The partnership underscores the quality of payment solutions that MoneyMaster is renowned for deploying to its growing business partners in private and public sectors.

MoneyMaster is one of the five Central Bank of Nigeria-licensed Payment Service Banks (PSBs) to promote financial inclusion across Nigeria.

By this arrangement, MMPSB is expected to lend its cutting-edge payment solution to facilitate seamless payment and reconciliation to smoothen the experience of Lagosians who will be getting their food supplies from the markets.

Its payment solution is also robust and can provide real time value to payment destinations.

Moneymaster Partners  "Ounje Eko" For Easy Transactions
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