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Liza C speaks on grassroots empowerment

 Elizabeth Ndidi Moses also known as Liza-C is the founder and CEO of Liza Moses Foundation. The foundation aims at transforming the lives of the underprivileged who live on the streets and communities across Nigeria.  The foundation use the avenue of music, dance, modelling and economic empowerment to reach out to the poor and needy across the country via her major platform- ‘The Liza C Street Concert.’ In this interview with OpenLife’s Isaac Ngumah, during the 7th edition of the Street concert,  Elizabeth Ndidi Moses (Liza-C) speaks about her vision and passion to help the needy through her foundation. The following are the questions and her apt answers during the interview.

What is the focus of Liza C Street Concert?

Liza C Street Concert is one of the Foundation’s major platforms to reach out to the underprivileged in our society.

Our main audience are the people on the street.

The struggling women on the street who roast yam, who fry groundnut and engage in other activities to feed their families are our target audience.

We also target the indigent women, children and youths on the street.

Twice every year, in April and September,  we go to the streets specifically to impact lives.

We organise a concert(involving music, dance etc) to gather people living in a particular location.

During these concerts we give out cash grants, clothes, food items, drinks etc to participants.

We also use the data collected from the people to get some of them to attend our empowerment programmes geared towards equipping them with skills and knowledge that will better their conditions in life.

We have conducted solar and digital information trainings for the youth.

The traders get trained on how to better run their businesses and cash grants to support them. Liza C Street Concert reaches out to poor and the needy to make their lives better.

How long have you been running your Liza C Street Concert?                         

The Liza Moses Foundation officially kicked off in 2019. The first anniversary was on the 22nd of September and it was awesome. To celebrate it we reached out to families with cash and food items, because of the Covid-19 situation, we couldn’t have the mass gathering like we usually do on the street. So we visited several families in Ajegunle and Orile to give out food items, rice, oil, noodles, cash etc.

How do you get support?             

Our projects has been mainly funded by my family.

My wonderful husband that believes in the vision is actually the chairman of the foundation.

We have other partners coming to support us financially and with food and gift items.  

In this Street concert 7, we had great support from TGI. They gave us good quantities of terra oil and seasoning. We also have had the support of Minimie, Fan milk and individual companies.

The CEO of Anointedlink Wholesale Limited has been wonderful. She supported  us with cornflakes, food items and some other products.

How do you combine your gospel music and your NGO?

Music is life, it is food to the soul. The Street concert is driven with music and love. Everyone responds to love and nobody says no to music.  Even if you don’t get to understand what the singers are saying. It uplifts.

I am a gospel artist. A lot of my songs talk about things we do to be a blessing to people.

What impact have you made so far?

The impact has been awesome. In Ajegunle, Makoko and especially during the first street concert in Ijesha Tedo, one of the communities we went to, it was awesome. The people have not seen anything like that before.

We don’t just get to the street and dance and people go home, we get to empower the people. People go home with a lot of packages and gifts.

So how do you get the guys on the street?

The guys on the street always come out enmasse when we get there.  Naturally, when you play music people are attracted.

How have you been able to improve the lives of the less privileged and the widows?

It is still the same way that we have been able to reach them. Through our street concerts.

How would you know that some of them are widows?

When we communicate with the women that attend our concerts we find out those that fall into that category and attend to them.  

How long have you been singing gospel song?

I have been singing for a long time but officially in 2002. Liza C has been around. She is a veteran, a legend when it comes to gospel music. Visit my site for more information.

Tell us about your favourite song ?

All my songs are wonderful. I have so many great songs in my 4 successful music albums. I don’t have a favourite, I love them all.

Can you tell us about your award so far?

Yea! My first professional award was in 2013 when I won the best worship  song in the Nigeria Gospel Music Award.

In Mega Award 2014,  I won the best video, gospel video and then of course different church awards. I won another one,  TMnews ‘Women of the Year Award’ in 2017 amidst so many nominations.

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