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Lagos Ohanaeze To Honour Ogbonnaya Onu

Lagos Ohanaeze
The Lagos State chapter of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, led by High Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, is set to honour the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu with a merit award.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with OpenLife in Lagos, Chief Aguene confirmed the desire of the Igbo cultural association to honour Onu within the first quarter of 2022.
The Ohanaeze President stated that the Minister would be honoured in an elaborate event that has been fixed to hold in Lagos.
Asked if he was honouring Onu because they both hail from Ebonyi State, Aguene said no.
He maintained that being an Ebonyi indigene is not the criterion. He added that Ohanaeze Ndigbo does not consider the community of origin before giving honour to worthy individuals.
He stated emphatically that Ohanaeze award is not like a company or club or association awards which have been commercilazed by some politicians who see it as a competition.
“Ohanaeze Ndigbo is about culture and tradition and is one of the most recognized tribes in the world. The Igbo culture and tradition are undiluted and it is as old as Ndigbo which this generation is proud of. “Ohanaeze Ndigbo is highly apolitical. Therefore, anyone bestowed with Ohanaeze award either from the national or Lagos State Chapter, which has the highest population of Ndigbos outside Igbo land, will enjoy recognition anywhere in the world within the Igbo circle and other tribes,” he explained.
President Solomon described Onu as a man of humility who is making Ndigbo proud.
“He is a man of patience and humility. His short tenure as governor of old Abia State was remarkable. “He is serving his country and community diligently. I cannot be leading Ohanaeze Ndigbo and I will not honour such a credible man,” he stated.
The President noted that he has known Onu as a man of integrity and “ I have been following his antecedence from my elementary stage till date.
“ He is so patient and especially his respect to his leaders. Onu does not work with age or attach his personal profile to compromise any leader in his respect. His second name is ‘Sir’ to anyone that is his boss. There is nothing like ‘No’ in his agenda in all the bosses he has served. I believe it is inborn. Patience has been his nomenclature as a boy, a father and a leader including his position in tradition and culture as a high chief. Yet, he is down to earth.
“Such a man, government needs him more than he needs government.
The President narrated further that when All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, was not doing well, Onu remained committed to the party. He did everything humanly possible to sustain it till they joined the All Progressives Congress, APC. He stressed that that is the kind of leader the United States of America and other first-world countries would like to identify with.
However, despite his deep respect for the Minister, President Solomon disclosed that
“I have not visited him once in any of his serving offices even though we are from the same community of Onicha and Uburu. I don’t rush to leaders especially when I have no product on the table. I go to leaders and stakeholders when I have something to offer. That is my nature.
“Now, as the President of Ohananeze { leader of Ndigbo, Lagos} we have to honour him for his patience in all area of his endeavours which is not common among politicians in Nigeria.
However, when OpenLife pointed out to the Ohaneze President that people from old Ohaozara in Ebonyi State are great leaders with classical example of the incumbent governor Dave Umahi who has transformed Ebonyi State in the area of infrastructure, he said:
“Yes, it is true. However, we have so many unpardonable offences that we cannot commit in the pursuit of money or any kind of individual profile. That is why I am deploying lots of efforts in transforming Lagos Ohanaeze from analogue to digital through the help of governor Sanwo-Olu and other Ndigbo stakeholders especially High Chief, Dr.Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, the humanitarian Ebonyi billionaire, who has been of great support to Lagos Ohaneze.
“We in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos state are happy with Onu and that is the main reason he will be hounoured with the merit award as the Most Patient and Humble Politician Of Our Time.
Again, when asked by OpenLife why President Solomon likes promoting and eulogizing Igbo leaders and individuals which is not common with Igbo people because the media knows them for their controversy, he said:
“Well, it is not my nature to blackmail anyone before I can be favoured. Favour comes from God. The grace of God supersedes every other thing. You can achieve more than expectation in life through the Almighty and not through man. And that is the mistake people make and lose their total position of destiny.
Ndigbos are good people. They deal with all tribes and their attitudes are convincing that they are among the best people in the world. Therefore, one can be favoured without insulting leaders. Most people that blackmail are suffering from diarrhea of inferiority complex.
Mind you, in every 12, there is always a Judah. That is why there is heaven and hell.
“Whatever any one does, according to my tradition, you must definitely get a reward either now or later.
Unity and love are the best way in life,” he stated.


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