Jesam Michael

Jesam Michael, AAS Investors Deserve Justice By Femi Oyewale

Jesam Michael

OpenLife Nigeria reports that Comrade Femi Oyewale, publisher, Sahara Weekly and President, Nigerian Association of Social and Resourceful Editors, NASRE, has posited that Jesam Michael CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System and other investors in the digital currency company deserve justice, arising from the alleged multi-million-dollar theft that is currently before a court of competent jurisdiction.

Using a Nollywood star as an anecdote, Comrade Oyewale opines that losing such humongous sum at this critical financial period for institutions and individuals is not a child’s play, given that a large chuck of the fund belongs to investors across continents.

His thoughts are reproduced below


Recently, a popular Nollywood actress Shan George was defrauded of her N3.6m from her account and the expression of her distress and frustration was best imagined on her social media page as she cried physically for help.

Now imagine a scenario where a CEO was defrauded of a whooping sum of $87m belonging to investors from different parts of the world! How would you feel if you were in the CEO’s shoes?

That best explained the pains, anger and annoyance of Jesam Michael the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System and the thousands of investors across the 540 countries, states and provinces of the world whose source of livelihood was allegedly stolen by Abayomi Oluwasesan who has openly confessed to the heinous crime both at the police and a reputable court of law.

As if that was not enough, certain disgruntled elements namely Humble Prince Eta, Donald Michael, Fifeyin Awajumo and Michael Okoh started a campaign of calumny of cyberbullying and cyber stalking against an aggrieved CEO and his investors.

Like paid salesmen, they fabricated falsehoods to change the narrative about Abayomi.

Interestingly, emerging facts from the accused reveal that they were not investors of AAS.

That explains the anger and annoyance of investors of AAS when a legal practitioner was tries to doctor the truth with an erroneous narrative about the unfortunate incident.

Besides, how can a lawyer who knows quite well that the matter is in a reputable court of law pass judgment in an ongoing case he is involved in by calling the accused victims of the saga? Truth be told, his utterance and actions are like a man threading the lion’s den.

Jesam Michael, AAS Investors Deserve Justice By Femi Oyewale

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