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It Is Either Marwa For 2023 Or No One Else—Group

It is either Marwa for 2023 or no one

OpenLife Nigeria reports that a group named Alliance for Good Governance, AGG, is calling on Nigerians and indeed, voters to lend their voices and supports to the patriotic persuasion aimed at getting Brigadier General Mohamed Buba Marwa, ret’d, to assume the leadership of Nigeria as its President from 2023.
The group made this known on Wednesday through a statement signed by its chairman, Kelvin Okonkwo and made available to OpenLife.
In the statement, the group enumerated the sterling qualities of Buba Marwa saying that if Nigeria must move forward, Marwa should be supported to be Nigeria’s next President.
The group stated that Marwa who currently presides over National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, has the military and civilian knowledge to return sanity to Nigeria.
They argued that Marwa’s antecedence as military governor of Lagos State is remarkable and that adds up the recommendation to be Nigeria’s President from 2023.
“He enthroned sanity through operation sweep when Lagos became haven for bandits,” they said.
AGG added that Marwa’s diplomatic knowledge in South Africa and excellent performance as military attaché in the United States are the final convincing factors why he should be the next President.
“He was an Ambassador. He has deep knowledge in diplomatic relations. He was in the US as military attaché. He has the military and diplomatic knowledge to return sanity to Nigeria and that is the biggest factor to consider in the 2023 presidential choice,” the statement stated.
However, the group explained that they have not formally sought the consent of the retired general before embarking “On this rescue mission” but stated that its nationwide sensitization tour would begins soon to co opt the youths, market women, students and workers into the mission.
“The 2023 Presidency is about competence, capacity and capability. As a country, we must get it right in our choice of leader. We have not met Marwa.
“We don’t intend to see him. It is about Nigeria and how Nigeria can be better. Marwa stands out as a competent person to liberate Nigeria from this unfortunate situation.
“Nigeria must push rotational argument aside this time. Marwa is a detribalized Nigerian. He is not a Lagosian yet he ensured Lagos became safe for investors.
“His activities in NDLEA are daily testimonies of how to get Nigeria out of the woods and restore investors’ confidence for employment generation and social harmony,” they said.
The group vows to pursue the actualization of Marwa’s 2023 Presidency with the last pint of their blood.


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