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Innovative Products, Unmatched Values Are Reasons 83% Of New Phone Subscribers In July Chose Glo—NCC Report

Innovative Products, Unmatched Values Are Reasons 83% Of New Phone Subscribers In July Chose Glo

OpenLife Nigeria reports that a report by the national regulator of the telecommunications industry, Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has revealed that Globacom was the network of choice for 83 per cent of new phone subscribers in July.
The NCC report indicated that Globacom has played a lead role in the reported growth. Its remarkable performance in the industry is believed to be a result of the continuous network upgrade and extension of 4G data coverage to more cities across the country. The company which turned 19 on August 29th also offers subscribers innovative products with unmatched value.
The report published on the commission’s website said Globacom garnered a whopping 2,103,721 million new customers in July, taking its subscriber base to 58,330,200 from 56,226,479 in June. The 2,103,721 new customers for Glo is 83% of the total number of 2,523,276 new phone users recorded across the country in the month.
On its part, MTN placed a distant second with 392,440 new subscriptions in July as Airtel which came third gained 90,955 new customers. It was a loss for 9mobile with 63,840 subscribers as its subscriber base reduced to 12,595,516 as opposed to its 12,659,356 figure in June.
The commission reported further that the total number of subscriptions to telecommunication services across the mobile networks of MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile rose to 208.6 million during the period under review. The total number of subscriptions across the networks was 206 million in June. The country’s teledensity, which measures the number of active telephone connections per 100 inhabitants living within an area, also rose from 108.15 per cent in June to 109.47 per cent in July, 2022.
The mobile network operators jointly gained a total of 13.5 million new subscribers, with the number of phone users in the country soaring from 195,128,265 at the end of December, 2021, to 208,604,996 at the end of July, 2022- a departure from last year when the MNOs lost close to 20 million subscribers as a result of the ban on new SIM registration.

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