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Ikono And Ini Stakeholders Debunk Any Disagreement With Glory Edet


Ikono And Ini Stakeholders have denied any disagreement with the Commissioner for Agriculture
OpenLife Nigeria reports that concerned citizens of Ikono and Ini, a sociopolitical group of Ikono and Ini indigenes, have refuted social media publications against the Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr Glory Edet, alleging her to be at war with political stalwarts in the area.

Tagging the report as malicious, false and misleading, the group’s coordinator, Ndarake Okpo described the report as “false and a failed attempt by some disgruntled elements whose intent is to threaten the existing peace enjoyed in the Constituency”.

Emphasizing that the report is a paid publication, targeted at tarnishing the Commissioner’s image, Ndarake Okpo noted that such attempts “cannot deter the Commissioner from carrying on with her creditable performance to help her boss deliver on his mandate for the good of the state”.

Upholding the stance of the group,
Stakeholders in the Federal Constituency, over the weekend, maintained that there was no war of any sort in the area.

The Stakeholders who expressed this in clear terms averred that the news alleging Dr Glory Edet to have invited the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Grassroots Mobilization, Mr Inibehe Umah to her Ewet housing residence to consult him of her intentions to contest for Ikono/Ini Federal House position in 2023, was false.

Informing the newsmen, the stakeholders posited that they had met with the Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr. Glory Edet, following the break of the false news to ascertain her interest in the Ikono and Ini federal constituency seat.

“Her reply was that the Governor had cautioned his cabinet members to be more involved and concerned about delivering quality governance to the people, rather than meddling in politics and that she was bound by the Governor’s instruction to keep her ambition discrete”, the stakeholders said.

“In as much as she would like to vie for the federal constituency seat, her boss has not given her the go-ahead, so she has not expressed interest, which is how every responsible servant should act. She never called anybody to her house and has never spoke of her ambition to anybody”, they said.

Describing the writer of the false news as “paid hungry writer”, one of the Stakeholders who pleaded anonymity, sued that the Commissioner for Agriculture is too honorable to be abased by any evil plot.
“Dr. Glory is one person we know that turns whatever she lays her hands on into gold. So her contenders are afraid of her intelligence, capacity and performance which are unequalled. They don’t want her to contest because they know she will be massively supported. It’s what they do in politics. It’s not a new thing to us,” he said.

They strictly warned those involved in the defamatory acts against the Commissioner to refrain from such and other activities capable of causing fracas in the area, while calling on people of the area to continue in their unalloyed support for their daughter.

“Inibebe Umar should desist from cheapening himself as an errand boy who is paid little money by desperate aspirants to attack the image of Dr Glory Edet. Himself and his sponsors have failed already in their calculated plans”, another Stakeholder added.

Meanwhile, information has it that two prominent persons in the area are behind the allegation to give the Commissioner a bad name before the public hence, resorting to defamation of her character using the media.


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