I Made Money As Club Waitress

I Made Money As Club Waitress—Nekede Pu*ssy Graduate

I Made Money As Club Waitress

OpenLife Nigeria reports that the a fresh graduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, who made a video which have gone viral on the internet because of what she said in the short clip, “It can only be God and my pu**sy,” has been identified as simply Sharon. In an interview with Darling 107.3 FM, Owerri, Sharon, denied saying what has been trending in the video saying it was a slip of tongue. Among other things, she pointed out places she worked that sustained her education at the Polytechnic including being a waitress in a club

There is this trending video we saw on TikTok were you thank God for your graduation and you said it was the help of God and your ‘Kpekus’. How did you reach there? What actually happened?
To be frank, nothing really happened. That day I was excited, I came out to snap and do video. It was five years in school without any issues, so I came out and did that video. It can only be God. If you watch the video, I was walking which made me to do that mistake. I wanted to say popsy, P.O.P.S.Y instead.
You know Nigerians and their lifestyle, the took the thing in another way and it started trending My God and my pu**y. It’s bad thing that trends more than good things.
Okay, the thing sounded like pu-something, you understand. We are asking maybe male lecturers, you use your organ to scale through.

If it is what Nigerians have in mind, I have one and only boyfriend which I have been dating since my ND 1 to my finals.

Are you living with your boyfriend?
No, He is my serious date, we started dating from when I entered school till now. If it’s what people have in mind, It’s my Boyfriend. I don’t even know most of my lecturer name, I just know them facially. There is absolutely nothing connected to me and them. Bring any oracle, I will swear. If they want me to go to Shrine and Swear I will. There is no lecturer from my day one to my finals I have business with. I will swear with my Life.
People are asking maybe after doing Hookup, you will use the money to sort courses.
I have never sorted any course before from day one in Poly Nekede to finals. That’s why I said it can only be God. It only God that sees me through. My GP in school is not even high. Even last exam which was CBT, I went there, did ‘timbum timbum’ and submitted.
Your school said they have set up panel to probe you, have they called you?
They have been calling me since yesterday, I pray they don’t call me to glory. I am not currently in Owerri, I traveled. Even this morning one of them called me on phone. Once I’m back I will surely use my legs, go inside and meet them.

No problem, We just wanted to know the truth. How everything happened. You have said as everything happened, it wasn’t what you have in mind.

Yes, that was never on my mind, I started with my Boyfriend from my ND 1 reaching now. He has been the one supporting me, is not like He has enough but the little He has He has been supporting me.
When I got admission, I worked with Golden Penny here in Owerri. I also worked at Trinity club as a waitress. So the little one my boyfriend gives me and the one I got from work is 100% okay for me. I had nothing in mind I just did that out of excitement.
People are now saying I did something with lecturers. Most of them don’t even know me, I don’t even know some of them. Sometimes they will ask me ‘Are you my student’ I will say yes sir.



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