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How We Are Developing Nigerian Fashion Industry—-Jimbrooks Clothing Boss



 How we are developing Nigerian fashion is the kernel of this interview


OpenLife Magazine’s Staff Writer, in this interview with Jimmy Taiwo, Jimbrooks Clothing Boss, reveals how the fashion industry  is being developed

How did you start your fashion business?
I started on April 23, 2006 after obtaining a degree in Economics at the  University of Ilorin in 2001.

What  was the inspiration?

It is passion per se. I just love dressing well. I make sure people look good and seeing people looking good makes me happy. So that was what actually pushed me into the business. But I started when I was in the University.  I have an uncle who has a fashion house. Then anytime I was around during the holidays I do go to his place to assist him.

That was how the interest developed. In school, I was making clothes for my friends.

What can you say about the fashion industry in Nigeria today?

The fashion industry in Nigeria today is a very good and interesting job. People are really moving into it. This is because it is something that you can start with low capital. You can even start right in your room once you know how to sew and you have clientele.

How do you cope with competition?

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I always believe that the sky is the limit. There are a lot of people who will always patronize you.  I have a lot of competitions but the thing is that I am not scared of anybody. I can only upgrade what I can do well because that is really helping my business.

What about your challenges in the business?

Challenges are the Nigerian factors like electricity, cost and time of importing materials.

What are your prospects for growth?

When I started it was rough but I was really blessed with a lot of people who actually came in to assist the business in the area of marketing. The quality of my work advertised me to other customers who do not even know me. That is how it has been moving till now. God has been helping me in the business. I have growing customers in the banking and oil industry etc.


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